Most Haunted House In Hawaii – The Kaimuki House


Hawaii’s Unique Paranormal Intrigue

The Hawaiian Islands are a popular destination for tourists across the world. Sporting some of the most amazing beaches, volcanos, and hotels it is easy to see why. But Hawaii is also popular for its incredibly mysterious dark and twisted nature. Behind the lush landscapes comes a long history of some pretty crazy ghost stories from both locals and travelers alike. However, there is one particular house that stands above the many so claimed “haunted” buildings, roads, hospitals, etc. This house is known as the Kaimuki House located on the corner of 8th and Harding, on top of a foundation of double beds of lava rock.

As legend has it, this house is occupied by a Kasha, which is a ghost that comes from Japanese folklore. This nasty thing has an appetite for violence, blood, and even death. There are a few different stories behind the Kasha, some say it’s a cat-like demon from the sky that steals bodies. Others claim it is ghoul who lives around crematoriums and likes to feed on those who are dead. Some even say it’s a man-eating ghost with uncontrollable lust. Regardless of the details, all versions have one thing in common…a hunger for blood and corpses that cannot be satisfied.

A Terrifying History For A House

Many families and couples have lived in or had a short vacation stay here throughout the years. Many of them have had to leave due to unexplainable events that do not make any sense. In all cases, the encounters were terrifying and dangerous to those who experienced it. One of the earliest tales that emerged from this home took place in the early 1940’s after a young couple moved in. Neighbors heard loud bangs and crashes and assumed it was a case of domestic violence, upon which they called the cops. Police officers arrived at the home and were utterly shocked at what they discovered. As they entered, they found a woman yelling in a repeated manner “She’s trying to kill my children”. The officers watched in horror as three children were levitated off the ground, slapped around, and hurled across the room by something they could not see.

Upon further investigation from a local newspaper, the incident was triggered after a young boy detected an odd odor which belonged to the ghost. This enraged the Kasha and led to the violent attack on the children, and then later on the police officers who arrived on site. Another story broke about 30 years later about a girl who was physically attacked inside the house by an invisible force. She immediately ran outside to go hide in her car, where the spirit followed her. She died of strangulation, yet there was no evidence of another person being at the site of the struggle.

Origin Of A Ghostly Household

What can possibly cause a house to contain such negative energy? For starters, quite possibly the murder of innocent individuals. It is believed that a father killed his two children and wife inside the house. The wife and son’s bodies were buried in the backyard, yet the corpse of the daughter was never found. Shortly after those events, a lesbian couple that lived in the household also met an untimely demise. One of the women had become romantically involved with a man. Upon discovering that his girlfriend was a lesbian who was married to another woman, he decided to kill her and her wife, and then himself inside the Kaimuki House. What struck investigators as weird was that the bodies appeared to have been eaten.

In the summer of 2016, the Kaimuki House was knocked down, and a new property is being built upon these lands. We are left to wonder if the spirits are attached to the land or the actual house. Hopefully, the spirits will be gone and no longer bother any future tenants that decide to live here.

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