Ryan Reynolds Jumps Into The Role Of Detective Pikachu


Ryan Reynolds continues to land choice lead roles in upcoming movies. Fresh off the success of Deadpool and The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Reynolds will be playing a Pokemon character in the forthcoming Detective Pikachu film. The project is based on the Nintendo 3DS game titled Great Detective Pikachu.

Legendary Pictures helms the film. Movie fans likely recall Legendary also produced the recent King Kong and Godzilla reboots. Detective Pikachu takes the production house and Reynolds into a different realm: kid’s movies. Vin Diesel did the same thing in 2005 with The Pacifier. That film was a massive hit and helped reestablish Diesel as a box office attraction.

Ryan Reynolds’ status as a top box office attraction isn’t exactly on the decline. And, truth be told, playing the lead in Detective Pikachu won’t be a big risk. The film is sure to do well at the box office. The combination of Reynolds’ star power and the popularity of Pokemon movies can team up to be a good mix.

Reynolds’ will appear in the film by way of voice and motion capture. That means the great detective’s feature film debut comes in the form of computer animation. Through motion capture, the animated Detective Pikachu shall become a realized 3D character through the movements and mannerisms of Ryan Reynolds. The character may present far more “actor nuances” than would be the case had a pure, 100% computer generating approach been used. Considering Ryan Reynolds’ quirky natures and brilliant approach to comedy, the character should turn out to be an interesting one.

Performing in a family-oriented film may be somewhat of a departure for Reynolds, which is a good thing. By expanding the type of roles he wishes to appear in, Reynolds proves he can handle a wider range of roles. Regardless of what role he takes, the classic Reynolds’ comedic attitude remains.

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