Lupita Nyongo Speaks about Discrimination


Lupita Nyongo says that she is an angry woman at the moment. The Oscar-winning actress attributes her anger to a UK magazine that used her as its cover but edited some details which she considers as the core to her heritage. Over the years, Lupita Nyongo has spoken about the hard times that she has been subjected to by the people who didn’t appreciate her skin color as well as her hair. For instance, she has often said that she was called names when growing up such as the night-shaded skin girl. These are events in her life that once made her feel unbeautiful. While speaking three years ago at a Black Women in Hollywood luncheon, she said that she finally got to realize that beauty was not something that people could change or acquire. Instead, she figured out that beauty was something that someone had to be.

Nonetheless, Mr. Nyongo says that it’s a shame that she has to defend her beauty once again despite being 34-years-old. The UK magazine in question is a magazine known as Grazia UK. The magazine decided to feature Ms. Nyongo only that it altered her image. While addressing the issue, an angry Ms. Nyongo said that the magazine had left out her curly black hair. She said that the original picture consisted of the hair being held in a thick ponytail. The ponytail had then been supported by her neck. She made these comments in an Instagram post that has since been viewed many times and shared. In the post, she said that she had always been critical of her natural heritage and part of it was her hair.

She, however, acknowledged being featured in the magazine saying that it offers her the opportunity to showcase diversity to other people. She finished with the statement that she was disappointed with the actions of the magazine. She didn’t forget to attach the hashtag #dtmh in her post. For starters, this is an acronym of the song by Solange Knowles Don’t Touch My Hair. This comes a month after the London Evening Standard Magazine did the same for Ms. Knowles. The magazine had removed a significant portion of her hair while using her image. Another person who has had an issue with the habit of magazines removing her hair is Nicki Minaj. She complained that these magazines were only altering the hair of women of color.

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