13 Of The Epicest Fails In Human History


Everyone feels bad and even sometimes dumb when they make a major mistake. But it’s alright because if there is something we know about us humans is that we make mistakes and often major ones. The list that I’m about to share with you will make any of your past fails look like child’s play. These are the fails that will forever go down in history. Here are 15 of the epicest fails in human history:

1. Ronald Wayne selling his stake in Apple for $800 that would be worth today $35 billion.

2. Blockbuster turning down the opportunity to buy Netflix.

3. Decca Records turning down The Beatles because they were not marketable.

4. The Titanic not having enough life vests because it was “unsinkable”.

5. The hunter who was lost and decided to fire a flare causing the biggest forest fire in California history.

6. NASA accidentally taping over the moon landing original tape.

7. The one fool who forgot to close the gate that allowed the Turks to conquer Constantinople in 1453.

8. Russia selling Alaska to the US for 2 cents an acre thinking it was useless land.

9. The Dutch ignoring the territory of Austria after discovering it 100 years before the British.

10. Napoleon thinking he could invade Russian in the winter.

11. Alexander The Great refusing to name an heir to his throne bringing down his empire.

12. Emperor Caligula who declared war on Poseidon and ordered his men to march into the sea and attack the water.

13. NASA losing the $125 million Mars orbiter due to the use of two measuring systems.

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I had heard about the Mars orbiter and I thought it the was stupidest mistake on earth not something NASA would do


My favorite will always be Emperor Caligula the idiot who ordered his soldiers to stab the water


Too epic to not forget


Not a lot of comments these days it seems


You just had to break the ice