Troy McQuagge and US Health Establish HOPE To Help People In Need



HOPE is a concept that was established by Troy McQuagge for USHEALTH Group. The primary purpose of establishing HOPE was so the company could extend a helping hand to those in need. Since 2010, they have created a broad scale impact on people affected by natural calamities, disease, and poverty. The organization has been incredibly successful with the projects that they have taken on.  Fulfilling their goal of creating a difference on a large scale. HOPE stands for Helping Other People Every day. Which is exactly what the Troy McQuagge wanted to achieve when he started this organization.


HOPE was founded in 2010, soon after McQuagge took over as the President of USHEALTH Advisors. He had incredible visions for the company, which he planned to execute once he reached the position of President. One of the first missions that HOPE undertook was in 2011. It was during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which caused an incredible amount of devastation to the people living in the affected parts of the country. To extend a helping hand to those in need, HOPE decided to partner up with the Phoenix of New Orleans, which was an organization that was carrying out efforts to aid the victims of this natural disaster.

The company encourages its employees to carry out initiatives in collaboration with this organization. USHEALTH employees spent hundreds of hours trying to help the affected, and by giving them resources that they needed to get situated once again. For McQuagge, the business isn’t only about offering health insurance. It is about helping those in need. The health insurance that they provide already aids people when they are faced with medical woes, and by establishing HOPE, he provided the company with another frontier to extend their support to people across the country.


Another successful venture that was taken on by HOPE was HOPEKids Arizona. They provided aid to children who were diagnosed with chronic conditions.  They also supported children who were diagnosed with life-threatening diseases and disorders. HOPEKids initially donated $25,000 towards the organization. Because of the success in Arizona, another branch was founded in the state of Texas.


McQuagge has always believed in the power of giving back to the community. For him, HOPE isn’t just another organization that could help the company with its corporate social responsibility. USHealth truly tries to do whatever they can to help those in need. McQuagge has tried his best to instill this idea of helping others in all the employees at USHEALTH Group. His efforts have been successful, as more and more people at the company are now willing to extend a helping hand to those who are in need.

Troy McQuagge at US Health CEO Awards

Because of the efforts that McQuagge has made in the head office of USHEALTH Group, several other offices of the company have also decided to follow in their footsteps. Many USHEALTH offices across America are not getting involved with projects for the betterment of the people, thereby doing their part to contribute to the wellbeing of all in society. The company is now being able to truly stand with the notion that they are on the path to helping other people every day, which is what HOPE stands for.


McQuagge has been the driving force behind this project and the development that the company is seeing. From the moment he took over as the CEO  in 2010, USHealth grew exponentially. His contribution to USHEALTH has been extensive and is the reason why the profit has gone up significantly. Using his experience and expertise in matters of health insurance, McQuagge has been able to aptly lead the company into the future, which is also how they have managed to rise as America’s most favored health insurance provider.


USHEALTH Group is a company that is firmly dedicated to being the best at what they do. The company believes in offering top-tier health insurance to all those who come to them, and to be there for them in their time of need. The company functions through a series of advisors, who work to bring health insurance to the masses. Instead of following a one insurance for all policy, the company has taken the unique approach.  They try to offer insurance personalized to the person buying. Taking into consideration their needs and requirements, USHEALTH Group tries to form a policy that would best suit them.

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