Donald Trump Visit to Beijing


For the past few years, Chinese leaders have been on a mission of equaling their American counterparts. However, the current Chinese president, Xi Jingling, seems to have other ideas. He wants to set China apart in a bipolar world as the greatest power on earth. However, this desire from one of the most powerful leaders in Chinese history after Mao Zedong failed with the Obama administration as it refused to play along. For the failure to collaborate with the Chinese, the Obama administration was accused of retreating from Asia. However, things look positive for Xi Jinping as President Trump has shown some signs of collaboration. This comes at a time when President Trump is expected to be in the region for the next two weeks. During the two weeks, he will travel to China, South Korea, and Japan. Since he rose to power, Donald Trump has accused China of being an unfair trade rival. This is a sentiment that he shared when he arrived in Japan on Sunday. He also promised that he would ensure that there was a free and open Indo-Pacific trade. Economic and political experts say the statement by President Trump was a calculated move to show China that the US has democratic allies in the region.

In the past, President Trump has also referenced China using reverential terms. He has also elevated Beijing when he said that China is the only nation that can resolve the problem facing the Korean Peninsula. This has resulted to an admiration from both parties. While President Trump can be referred to as a brash wheeler-dealer, Mr. Jinping can be termed as a communist party princeling. A John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies professor David M. Lamton refers to the meeting of these two leaders as the clash of national ambitions. He further says that the outcome of this meeting will go down in history and will be referenced in the coming years. While speaking to Fox Business Network reporter Lou Dobbs, Mr. Trump called Mr. Xingping a king. However, some US experts interpreted this as mere flattery. The Chinese officials have referred to the visit of Mr. Trump in the country as a state visit-plus. At the same time, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has said that Donald Trump is travelling to Beijing for the first time. Chinese officials have promised that they will give Mr. Trump a grand pageantry when he enters the GREAT Hall of the People.

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