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Imran Haque is an established internist who offers medical care for the people of  North Carolina. You can usually find him at his Asheboro or Ramseur offices attending to his patients. Since the opening of Horizon Internal Medicine, the residents have enjoyed the services offered by the doctor given the fact that he is extremely committed to ensuring your health needs are being addressed to the fullest. The residents of Asheboro and Ramseur acknowledge the doctor as the most prominent internal medicine specialist who has over 15 years of experience in his field. He provides an array of different services, and he can attend to various illnesses that require his highly specialized expertise.

Imran Haque: Education and background 

Imran Haque was awarded his medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE), Santo Domingo in 1998 where he graduated with honors. Following a history of a childhood dream for studying medicine and help address patients’ concerns, he also trained at the University of Virginia’s Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program and obtained a masters degree in Internal Medicine. During his stay in the University, the credentials he had received encouraged him to secure a license that enabled him to practice medicine in North Carolina. Last but not least, Dr. Imran is enrolled at the maintenance of Certification Program for Internal medicine where he continues to gain knowledge about his practice.

Areas of Attention at Horizon Internal Medicine 

Horizon Internal Medicine is the medical facility that has enabled Dr. Haque to be well known by many residents in the region and the services he offers. Patients who require medical attention apparently come to this place for assistance. It’s evident that this facility is dedicated to quality services given the fact that it prides itself on being in charge of internal medicine consultancy and treatment. Imran Haque is the primary-care doctor for many residents simply because the facility has become the preferred choice for many people. He can diagnose much illness, offer advice on medical tests and make medical examinations for his patients. In reality, Imran Haque is well known for his professionalism and experience at Horizon Internal Medicine. For a long time, many residents come to the facility to seek medical attention from Haque thus making the medical facility a renowned spot in North Carolina. Therefore, it’s important to note that this facility is of great importance to the residents, visit him and seek medical assistance.

Dr. Imran attributes his success as an internist to hard work, commitment, passion as well as discipline. He performs checkups and routine examination with an aim to accurately diagnose the right illness. He offers his advice to the young and upcoming internist who would wish to venture in his line of work. His work has been successful simply because he cooperates with other doctors and physicians in medical groups for Medicare information and advice. Central to such an endeavor, he is focused on offering efficient and affordable healthcare services to all people at his medical facility. He continues to look for ways and means on how to keep improving his practice as a physician and offer better health care services. He further focuses on helping both the wealthy and the poor in his community by providing affordable health care.

Full Range of Services the Doctor Performs 

Imran Haque presents a variety of essential services at his Horizon Internal Medicine offices located in Asheboro and Ramseur regions. The services include diabetes management, laser hair repair, physical exercises, Venus body contouring, training, weight management along with 360 resurfacing. Dr. Haque has acquired a reputation as a reliable and efficient physician who can handle delicate treatment successfully. For instance, patients with diabetes, Imran can assist them with ways on how to manage their conditions and live better lives. Therefore, when it comes to matters of health, there is extra safety when dealing with this kind of doctor since your problems will be addressed by the most excellent person in the field.

The laboratory along with ultrasound equipment in his practice assists to provide the specific treatment for all his patients. He has been able to cater and provide the treatment through his experience in the capacity of a physician when the need arises. The doctor insists on proper diagnosis which is apparently a prerequisite for the right treatment, and consequently, prevention of the most common ailments as well provides referrals to specialists when necessary. The quality services the doctor offers has enabled him to establish long-lasting relationships with his patients. This kind of attribute has allowed him to remain a family physician for a good number of patients.

One other thing that stands out at Dr. Imran’s Horizon Internal Medicine is the various options that are filled with expert diagnostic solutions owing to Iran’s scientific as well as medical knowledge. The tailored care of Haque is provided through the prerequisite of a patient-centric background within the precincts of the medical facilities. Moreover, the core of Imran’s medical practice is the understanding and specialized knowledge based on a positive ambiance that has a significant role to play in the proper recovery of patients, regardless of the patient’s disease. His procedures are safe for the comfort of his patients, and his clients trust him simply because he just delivers what he promises. These qualities have seen Dr. Haque grow his practice and maintain a chain of loyal as well as trusted patient clientele.

Imran Haque is Seen as a Caring Expert 

Going by the attributes of Dr. Imran’s while treating his patients at his practice, it is evident that he is a master at his daily activities. For the years that he has been in the health check field, Imran value human interaction and close relationship with his patients. His professionalism and expertise in providing an array of different services have enabled him to be a personal medical doctor for many residents in Asheboro, Ramseur, and the surrounding areas.

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