There’s More to Do than Just Watching the NBA Finals


For the first time in NBA history, the NBA Finals have included the same two teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, for three consecutive matchups. Each series the past two years have been exciting, and with the recent addition of Kevin Durant to Golden State’s already-skilled team, the 2017 NBA Finals are guaranteed to keep fans on the edge of their seats. NBA fans do not need anything else to keep themselves entertained, but local attractions can enhance fan experience tenfold or better. Here are some quality venues to keep travelers busy throughout the first two weeks of June, also known as ‘Finals time’, in Cleveland, Ohio, and Oakland, California.

Visit TV sets of popular shows shot in each city, such as “The Drew Carey Show” in Cleveland and “Moneyball” in the Bay Area. Visiting sets of TV shows and movies you have grown up watching is certain to enhance fun times ahead in the two cities hosting the NBA Finals this 2017 season.

Even though a bag of tortilla chips and dip can keep sports fans happy, delicious restaurants – OK, whatever: sports bars – such as Character’s and Benny’s in Cleveland have historically been the most popular destinations for sports fans to convene and route on the Cleveland Cavaliers through thick and thin. Popular sports bars – well, you guys should really refer to them as restaurants around wives and girlfriends – in Oakland, California, include Grand Oaks Restaurant & Sports Lounge, Halftime, and Fort Green. Fort Green is also known for new popular food dishes and state of the art TV and audio sets to keep visitors thoroughly entertained.

Those visiting Cleveland can make the trip more meaningful by visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Walking through the halls of the Cleveland historic venue can solicit heartfelt memories of listening to love songs you and your spouse grew up listening to, fun party songs played at your favorite parties, and songs that make us remember passed loved ones. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is more than a side piece to those visiting Cleveland Cavaliers games: visit this venue treating it as an entree to double up alongside Cavs games in Cleveland this June.

Although the 2017 NBA Finals will undoubtedly provide enough entertainment to keep you guys busy, visiting popular attractions in Cleveland and Oakland will make your trips infinitely more meaningful.

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