Lonzo Ball and Philadelphia – Will the Sixers Finalize Workout Details?



The 2017 NBA Draft is getting closer by the day, as the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, and Philadelphia 76ers, among other teams, weigh pros and cons associated with upcoming talent and interest expressed for players from other teams. Tens of athletes showcase potential star power talent this year, although one player heads the majority of discussions: Lonzo Ball. Ball could completely revitalize teams’ rosters who select him, the reason why the Philadelphia 76ers are in late stages of talks to schedule a workout.

Harrison Gaines, the NBA agent of UCLA star Lonzo Ball, and Bryan Colangelo, GM of the Sixers, are leading discussions between the two parties. There is less than a month before the 2017 NBA Draft takes place, plenty of time for draft orders to become jumbled with mutually beneficial trades, steals, and deals. The potential workout of Lonzo Ball should be made official, or not, in the next two calendar weeks. Although the UCLA stud is unlikely to fall below the top two picks, the Sixers are pursuing a workout in the inevitable possibility of trades between teams mixing up draft order.

The Philadelphia 76ers are still teetering on the decision if Lonzo Ball will be drafted, given he is available to the 76ers, an unlikely yet possible scenario. Officials are aware that Ben Simmons and Lonzo Ball may not mesh well together, and potentially result in locker rooms troubles, underperformance on the court, and other negative outcomes. The Australian bred Ben Simmons is a true point guard that prefers to possess the ball a high percentage of offensive time in games. Lonzo Ball plays best when he works the court as a point guard, holding the ball for lengthy streaks. This disparity between the two athletes, even if Lonzo Ball is available to the Philadelphia 76ers, may cause officials to cancel a workout due to negative potential.

Lonzo Ball arguably holds more star power potential than any other player this year, a reason why the Sixers are playing with the possibility of drafting him, in the unlikely event he is available to the Philly team.

Officials around the league have expressed concern over Lonzo Ball’s potential overall on and off the court performance. Lonzo’s dad LaVar Ball has spurred much negative media to follow Lonzo, which is never good for an athlete’s ego and subsequent performance. Although questions surround Lonzo’s potential, the Philadelphia Sixers still may give the UCLA star a shot.

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