Out of This World: Budweiser Taking First Steps to Bring Beer to Mars


There’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing with your buddies over an ice-cold beer, except now there might be. Imagine enjoying a beer with your closest comrades…on Mars.

Budweiser, an Anheuser-Busch company, has teamed up with the Center for Advancement of Science in Space to work on a project to get beer to the red planet. According to GQ India, twenty barley seeds will be aboard the Space-X CRS-13 when it launches on Friday, December 8.

The Space-X CRS-13 will be on a cargo mission, with it’s destination being the International Space Station. The barley seeds will orbit in space for thirty days before they are returned to earth.

A highly-skilled team at Budweiser will then analyze the seeds through several experiments to see how well they coped with the elements in space. Some of the tests the team will conduct include testing the seeds for exposure and germination.

If the barley does well on the mission, Budweiser will have achieved it’s first key victory in it’s mission to brewing beer on the red planet. The data collected will also provide valuable information for agriculture on earth, and may change the way barley is produced on our planet.

Budweiser has been very vocal about it’s desire to be the first beer on Mars, announcing their plans at the South by Southwest conference in early 2017. With barley being one of the most important ingredients in beer, it is well on it’s way to achieving that goal.

Beer is an important part of the social lives of many people on earth. It makes sense that it will play an important role in life on another planet. With Mars being the most viable option to support human life, finding a way to brew beer on the planet will be welcome relief to beer lovers everywhere.

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