The Sky Rocketing Salaries in the Artificial Intelligence Industry


In terms of hiring, start-up companies are always in a prime position compared to the established industry giants. They always entice their new employs to take a chance with them and should they succeed, they will be given ownership in the company. They further emphasize that this ownership stake is capable of making these young job seeking people very rich. However, this is likely to change with the introduction of artificial intelligence. This comes at a time when major players in the technology sector continue to emphasize on artificial intelligence. For instance, the rush on artificial intelligence has led to the emergence of hot topics such as the internet of things, conversational coffee-table gadgets, face-scanning smartphones as well as autonomous vehicles and computerized healthcare. However, this has led to doling out salaries that are even surprising to an industry that has never shied away from top salaries for talents. For instance, it has been discovered that an AI specialist with a Ph.D. and fresh from school can make close to $300,000 to $500,000 every year. This information was compiled by doing interviews with nine people who work for several artificial intelligent companies. As these professionals did not want to compromise their career prospects, the requested that their names be withheld.

They further said that well-known individuals in the artificial intelligent industry received huge packages that were also accompanied with stocks of the companies they were working for. This included single and double-digit millions and contracts worth four to five years. At the same time, it was revealed that these individuals would renegotiate these contracts just like professional athletes do. For instance, it was revealed that a former Google employee known as Anthony Levandowski took home close to $120 million every year. This is an executive who joined the company in 2007. He has since left the position and works for Uber now. Due to the rate at which these salaries are picking up, there is a joke in Silicon Valley suggesting that there should be a salary cap when it comes to these specialists, just like the National Football League salary cap. A hiring manager at Microsoft known as Christopher Fernandez says that implementing a salary cap makes things easier. However, some explanations have been offered for the huge salaries. Some stakeholders argue that Silicon Valley is competing for the same employees with the auto industry which is also well paying.

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