Can Warner Bros. and Intel Develop An Incredible Entertainment System for Self-Driving Cars?


Self-driving cars reflect an incredibly intriguing advancement in technology. The days of muscle cars give way now to the days of tech-powered luxury vehicles. The benefits and innovations of self-driving cars may take another interesting and innovative technology turn. Warner Bros. and Intel have formed a partnership to greatly expand the entertainment options someone can enjoy while sitting back in a self-driving vehicle.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, it was stated that Warner Bros. and Intel want to turn a self-driving car into an “experimental entertainment pod.” Intel currently acts as one of the biggest names in self-driving technology. Warner Bros., of course, has been a top producer of entertainment content since the Golden Age of Hollywood. The notion the two choose to work together makes sense. Granted, some might find the idea of a mobile entertainment room inside of a car to be incredibly odd. There really isn’t anything odd about the concept at all.

The main concern people have about the inclusion of extensive entertainment choices in the vehicle would be distractions. With eyes and ears on the entertainment system, less attention ends up being paid to the road. While a self-driving car does handle the tasks necessary for driving, a safety-conscious passenger would prefer to be on the lookout for potential hazards.

For those men, a massive entertainment center inside the self-driving car might not be too appealing. Men who wish to own the newest and coolest technological innovations probably would be thrilled to own an entertainment-oriented self-driving car. Being able to watch a popular movie or a championship sporting event during the commute to work absolutely reflects an improvement over being highly bored while stuck in traffic. An entertainment center on wheels provides a way to enjoy a long commute.

Such a model doesn’t exist at the present time, but Warner Bros. and Intel soon will be delivering one to the market. Once it does arrive, the car market won’t be the same ever again.

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