The California Department of Public Health Assesses Cell Phone Risks


Health news sometimes comes with surprises. The same certainly could be true of technology news. Just recently, surprising news emerged about a connection between technology and health risks. Specifically, a shocking report from the California Department of Public Health revealed cell phones come with potentially serious health hazards. The CDPH even suggests it would be wise to avoid keeping the phone next to the body. This would indicate carrying a phone in your pocket could potentially present risks.

At the core of these warnings are concerns over “leaking electromagnetic radiation.” If a phone leaks radiation, the person near the phone may absorb some of that radiation. That’s the red flag the CDPH raises.

The CDPH had conducted studies into health issues surrounding exposure to cell phone-generated energy. A 2009 document on the subject was only released to the public after a court order. The release of the document may lead some to worry about tumor growth due to cell phone radiation exposure.

Maintaining a safe distance from the device seems to be a top recommendation from those performing research and attempting to assess risks. Again, some of the revelations from the report are surprising. Reports about the risk of sleeping too close to the phone at night may prove alarming.

One more intriguing warning suggests that extra care might be required when using a cell phone on a moving train, car, or another vehicle. Such a warning may raise eyebrows among those who live active lives and travel a great deal. Using the phone while riding in a vehicle may be second nature to some. Not using the phone may seem inconvenient, but the inconvenience could enhance safety.

More research into the topic of cell phone radiation should reveal more definitive information about risks. Hopefully, new discoveries will reveal how to minimize potential harm and possible risks.

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