Weird, Funny, and High-Dollar Professional Athlete Contracts


We all know athletes get paid — arguably — too much to play games they love and grew up playing. Despite professional athlete contracts being already exorbitant at least, many athletes have received options for crazy incentives that fans could only dream of. Here are several of the highest-dollar, off-the-wall incentives given to athletes so far in today’s era of professional sports.

Eddie Lacy was given the incentive of $55,000 for staying under 250 pounds prior to this year’s training camp. Lacy weighed in, unexpectedly, under 250 pounds prior to the Seattle Seahawks’s training camp. Wouldn’t it be great to get paid to weigh under 250?

Back in 1993, Rick Mirer was drafted into the NFL. He was able to command, with help from his agents Don Yee and Marvin Demoff, a contract that guaranteed payment up until the “the end of the world.” Such a phrases is often used in banking, not athletics. Rick Mirer, as such, got paid everything he was owed.

Stefan Schwarz, a soccer player for Sunderland, a Premier League team, signed a four-year deal with a special clause. Sunderland executives demanded that their newly-signed player refrain from blasting off into space or exploring alien worlds. Schwarz stayed on Earth for his four-year contract, and, ever since he signed it in 1999, earning him top dollar.

Diana Taurasi was offered $200,000 by a basketball team in Russia, UMMC Yekaterinburg, to skip the upcoming season of her current WNBA team, the Phoenix Mercury. In comparison, Taurasi could have only earned $110,000 from playing in the WNBA that season according to her contract. However, Diana Taurasi stayed put and did not leave the Mercury.

Rollie Fingers, an MLB player for the Oakland Athletics, was a member of the 1972 team that was offered $300 to grow a mustache. Fingers actually grew a handlebar mustache, netting him the $300. He even was able to negotiate the hefty sum of $100 in mustache wax annually.


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