The Story of Burnley Football Club


Burnley Football Club has had a good season for far. The chairman of the club is Mike Garlick. He remembers one day during the past summer when he found himself sitting in a boardroom alone. He had one question in his mind. Before the Premier League kicked off in May, it was time for the team to look back and learn from the past. The team had achieved its main goal last season which was to survive in the top tier. In fact, the team managed to finish 16th. However, this was a good place as there was a good gap in points between the team at the 17th position. After the preseason training, the players and their coach, Sean Dyche were met with a newly built training facility.

The chairman says that the new facility was an indication that the team was becoming a powerhouse in English football. While speaking during an interview, the team’s coach said that the team needs to ensure that it becomes an elite club in England. He further said that the only way that this can be possible is by matching their away form with home form. For instance, the team coach remembers the events of last season. The team managed to win 10 games at home. Burley’s stadium is known as Turf Moor, and it’s building a reputation for its atmosphere during home games. The form, however, was something else during away games. They had lost 10 games and could only achieve one win. The other eight were draws.

He then talks about the day that they learned about their away fixtures for the current season. They were to face Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspurs, Everton, Liverpool and then Manchester City. The manager felt that the fixture was quite cruel for his ambitions. He says that the team knew that they would get nothing from these fixtures. However, things turned out than expected. They managed to win at Everton and Chelsea. At the same time, they drew at Liverpool and Tottenham. The team now hopes that it can carry the day when it visits Arsenal today. A win on Saturday will see Burney occupy the fourth position. Both teams have 22 points at the moment. This is a great achievement for Burney as it’s one of the teams with the smallest budget in English top division. Perhaps the people who have been surprised by the team are their supporters.

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