Oakland Raiders Targeting Jon Gruden for Coaching Job


It has been a long time since the Oakland Raiders were a consistently solid franchise. Oakland has, of course, had reasons for optimism in the past couple of years. QB Derek Carr, when healthy, looks like he could become the face of the franchise. Weapons like Amari Cooper on offense and Khalil Mack on defense have both pedigree and talent. However, the Raiders are still consistently not living up to expectations. The reason why is simple, they need a coach to help take them to the next step. Who better for the job than highly-coveted Jon Gruden? Gruden coached the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl win over a decade ago, beating the last great Oakland Raiders team. Is Gruden ready to leave the booth to try and bring a championship to Raider Nation?

Jon Gruden has been one of the most sought-after head coaches in the NFL over the past half decade. A big part of the reason for the pursuit of Gruden has been his consistent excellence as an analyst and talent evaluator. Gruden knows how to get all of the juice of his fruit, so to speak. However, Gruden has solidified himself as something of a national treasure in the booth and the cushy job might be hard to leave. However, Oakland has allegedly been preparing quite the hefty offer in order to win him over. Oakland is reportedly offering complete decision-making power as well as a stake in ownership of the team, an offer that might just be too good to pass up.

Of course, Oakland has always appealed to Gruden and fore more than just monetary reasons. Gruden would be taking over an organization that he has always been fond of despite not having been on their sidelines since 2011. He would also get to break open Oakland’s move to Las Vegas in 2020, allowing him to not only re-brand the franchise in his favor but also win over a whole new zipcode of fans. Most of all, Las Vegas lacks state income tax and any contract Gruden signed would be all the more lucrative as a result. Oh yeah, and we already mentioned some of the elite talents that Oakland has on hand.

No matter what happens with Jon Gruden, Oakland needs to turn their attention to a high-level coach that can engineer some positive change. Oakland is far too talented to be struggling this consistently.

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