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It goes without saying for most of you, but football season is finally back! Well, almost – it’s currently Week 3 of the NFL preseason, with less than two weeks until the defending Super Bowl champions New England Patriots host the Kansas City Chiefs in Foxborough at Gillette Stadium. Even though Gisele kinda blabbed her mouth about her beau’s sustained concussions throughout the 2016-2017 season, it’s likely Tom Brady will spread the fellow AFC squad to shreds.

Former Virginia Tech standout dual-threat quarterback Tyrod Taylor is expected to start for the Buffalo Bills, come Week 1. During an everyday press conference at Buffalo’s practice facility, head coach Sean McDermott expressed he anticipates Tyrod to be the team’s starter. The Bills finished 7-9 last season, securing third place in the AFC East behind the Dolphins and Patriots, not making it into the playoffs since Jim Kelley lead the squad to the Super Bowl four times consecutively. Sorry, Bills fans.

Potential standout defensive end Derek Rivers of the New England Patriots is likely out for the remainder of the 2017-2018 season, unfortunately before it even starts. On Wednesday, the 83rd pick in the 2017 NFL Draft suffered a sprained LCL and a torn ACL, both crucial components to the knee, especially in athletes. Rivers grimaced in pain after tweaking his knee on a kickoff coverage exercise. As the Patriots have little depth on the defensive line, they’re likely to sign a free agent before or shortly into the season.

Although Colin Kaepernick isn’t likely to be signed by an NFL team this season – crazier things have happened, though – the legendary Smithsonian Institute will host a pair of game-worn cleats and a jersey, slated to be displayed at its National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Those who watched the Week 3 preseason matchup between the Seahawks and Vikings – surely there’s a few out there – may have seen Seattle’s Blair Walsh taunt players on Minnesotas’s sidelines. The veteran kicker later explained that his former teammates on the Vikings had taunted him in the first place, in turn responding to their backyard-like shenanigans.

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcom Jenkins, a black male to those unfamiliar with the veteran secondary player, maintained his protest against race relation issues in the United States. Jenkins held his tightly-clenched fist in the air, well above his head for the whole world to see. Teammate Chris Long supported him throughout the national anthem.

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