Lack Of Purity Destroying The NBA



Last Season

I would consider last season to be one of intrigue, mystery, and surprise. The Warriors getting 73 wins, Curry hitting 400 three pointers, the Spurs losing so early in the playoffs, and the Cavs actually sealing the deal after six decades of misery. However I am afraid the next few years won’t have the same element of astonishment that 2015-2016 had. Gone are the days of bewilderment, I believe, and in its place is predictable. Former MVP Kevin Durant has decided to abandon his fellow bro Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City to join his new bros from Oakland.

Super Teams

Seriously, who is going to beat a team that features Curry, Thompson, Green, and now Durant. Not even the Big Three Miami Heat had this much talent. The NBA needs to rethink some of the rules if it wants the league to be competitive. Look at the NFL, other than the Patriots dynasty, there is a good amount of parity. Bad teams can get good quickly, just look at the Carolina Panthers last season.

Super teams are not a new thing in the NBA….the 60’s had the Celtics, the 80’s had the Lakers & Celtics, the 90’s had the Bulls, the 00’s had the Lakers & Spurs, and the 10’s had the Heat. So tell us your thoughts, is the new evil empire from Golden State going to ruin the league and make it boring? Share your thoughts.

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Yep they are killing the sport


Yes the NBA need to diversify, fucking super teams are killing the purity of the sport