Floyd Mayweather Will Retire After Upcoming Fight


Boxing fans around the world are getting ready for August 26th. In case you didn’t know, a boxing super fight is set to take place between two legendary fighters. You won’t hear either fighter in this upcoming battle talk about fearing a loss. Both McGregor and Mayweather are confident in their ability to win fights. However, one fighter in this mega battle will be fighting professionally for the last time. The Los Angeles Times reports that Floyd Mayweather will retire after his fight Saturday night, no matter the outcome.

One fighter in this battle is Conor Mcgregor. Conor has risen to fame with his brash attitude and amazing fighting skills. The other participant is an undefeated legend in the boxing world named Floyd Mayweather. These two men will meet in a boxing match this upcoming Saturday that looks to break fight income records.

Early fight predictions mostly seem to favor Mayweather. Many people feel that Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer of all-time. Looking at Mayweather’s flawless win-loss record, it’s hard to disagree. For over a decade, boxing fans have watched Floyd Mayweather conquer the sport. In the world of mixed martial arts, a mega star has been on the rise. Conor McGregor has fought his way to winning multiple titles in the UFC. A recent loss had fans wondering what was next for Conor. Fans seemed to think that Conor’s future in the UFC could be in jeopardy. The main reason for the concern of fans was due to reported friction between McGregor and UFC owner Dana White.

Many fans had heard Conor and Floyd call each other out. However, most thought that this was another mega fight that would never happen. A few months ago fight fans were shocked to learn that Mayweather vs McGregor was a real fight that was going to take place. People around the world are excited to get to finally watch these two sports legends face off this Saturday night.

In summary, a mega boxing bout is about to take place between two legends, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. If Mayweather defeats McGregor, he will retire as arguably the greatest boxer in history. A win by McGregor would shatter Floyd’s perfect record and send the world of boxing and MMA into a tailspin. Conor predicts he will knock out Mayweather within the first four rounds of this upcoming fight.

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