Chicago Bears Rookie QB Makes Incredible Debut


The first week of the NFL preseason has come and gone and football fans are already engaged in the endless critiquing of their own roster while trying to set expectations for the following season. One of the great joys of the NFL preseason is that fans get to see rookie players come into the league and play for the first time. For some players this means they are trying to make the roster. Other players are trying to cement themselves as the cornerstone of the franchise. For the Chicago Bears the debut of rookie Mitchell Trubisky could be a sign that the future is in good hands.

In this past NFL draft the Chicago Bears were relentlessly mocked for moving up a single spot in order to take Mitchell Trubisky as the first QB off of the board. Trubisky was one of the top prospects in the entire draft but Chicago payed a huge price (a pair of 3rd rounders and a 4th rounder) in order to get him. Further compounding the general mockery of the deal was the fact that Chicago just threw millions of dollars at Mike Glennon, another QB that was expected to hold down the starting gig.

Chicago played against the Denver Broncos for their preseason opener and it was clear early on which player was more comfortable in the pocket. Glennon’s first pass in a Chicago uniform was a pick-6 to the Denver defense. From there things didn’t get any better. Glennon quickly found the bench and then all eyes were on rookie Mitchell Trubisky.

Trubisky came out with under two minutes left in the first half of game action. Trubisky would for 4 – 4 as he guided the Bears down the field before finding Victor Cruz in the endzone for his first career touchdown pass. Trubisky would continue to guide the team coming out of the second half. When all was said and done the #2 overall pick would rack up an 18/25 statline for 166 yards, a TD, and a 103.1 QB rating. Trubisky said simply, “I thought it was fun. That’s what I wanted to do, to go out there and be consistent.”

Chicago is suddenly looking at the prospect of having a true franchise QB for the first time in nearly a decade. The failed Jay Cutler experiment finally ended and now all eyes are on the future — and the future is bright.



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