Bones to Caddie for Thomas at The Sony Open


As a guy, when you hear the name Bones, you are probably thinking either of the doctor from Star Trek or one of the most legendary golf caddies the PGA Tour has ever seen. Well, for this article, we won’t be hopping on board the USS Enterprise. Instead, we will be looking into Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay. Mackay had been caddying for golf legend Phil Mickelson for 25 years before they decided to part way. While Mackay has recently been enjoying a career in golf broadcasting, he was recently asked to caddy again.

Justin Thomas has recently come off a stellar year of golf where he was named the player of the year. However, he has had a recent issue where his main caddie Jimmy Johnson is laid up with an injury. Justin’s father recently stepped in to help caddy on recent tournaments. However, with the Sony Open coming up, it is important that Thomas gets a slight upgrade on his caddy. With Thomas having won the Sony Open last year, he is looking to do the same this year. What better caddy could Thomas want than Bones? While this is said to be a temporary arrangement, it will be interesting to see how the Sony Open performance between Thomas and Bones plays out. Maybe another amazing caddy player relationship will be formed.

Bones has been hailed by many in the golf community to be the best caddie to ever walk the course. Having the 2017 player of the year to get to play with him will be very exciting to watch. For Bones, it will most likely be a great chance to get off of the sidelines and back onto the course once again for tournament play. Only time will tell if the arrangement between Bones and Thomas will stick.

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