‘Venom’ Trailer Has Received Negative Reviews


Movies based on comic book characters are very big business these days. One of the most popular characters in the comic book world during the past 30 years has been Venom. He is an alien that inhabited a black Spider-Man costume worn by Peter Parker. The alien eventually attached itself to a criminal named Eddie Brock and became known as Venom. He soon became one of Spider-Man’s most popular villains and began appearing in many different products that were licensed by Marvel. However, he has only appeared in one movie so far. This was “Spider-Man 3” which received terrible reviews from critics and fans alike.

There will be a Venom movie that will be produced by Sony Pictures and released this coming October. It will star Tom Hardy in the title role. A new teaser trailer for the film was just released. However, fans of Venom were not very impressed with what they saw. The common complaint from fans is that Venom is nowhere to be seen in the entire trailer. Fans were expecting to see the title character in a few action scenes. However, it would appear that Sony is keeping the character tightly under wraps for now. It would seem likely that Venom will appear in a longer trailer that will come out closer to the film’s release in October.

The film is unusual in the sense that “Venom” will not feature Spider-Man at all. He will be the first villain to get a film of his own. However, DC just announced their plans to make a movie focusing only on the Joker and starring Joaquin Phoenix in the title role. The movie studios are realizing that there is quite a bit of money to be made on the bad guys that antagonize the comic book heroes. They do not only have to be used as supporting characters. Characters like the Joker and Venom are more than capable of starring in their own films.

The trailer’s bad reviews might have just worked in favor of the “Venom” film. There is now even more interest in the film than there was before as a result of the negative buzz that the trailer has received. Therefore, Sony has succeeded in generating much more publicity than they would have if they had included Venom in the trailer. There is a chance that this was a calculated move by the Sony marketing department.

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