‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ Finds Smashes Box Office Expectations


Marvel is on a tear, a decade long tear that has seen the company unveil nearly 20 high quality, big budget, superhero blockbusters. Marvel has been so successful that they’ve even gotten other huge companies involved, such as Sony. Sony has struggled with their superhero properties of late, most notably failing with ‘The Fantastic 4’, but fans were cautiously optimistic about the future. After all, Sony had their hands in on ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming‘. ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ recently released to rave reviews, giant box office returns, and a rejuvenated fanbase. Spidey is back and he’s just as fun to watch as anyone could hope for.

The very real fear of superhero fatigue loomed dark and heavy over top the upcoming ‘Spider-Man’ release. The reason? Marvel had already released so many films and this was Sony’s third attempt at bringing their iconic spider-bitten super hero to life. Past stars Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield were both wildly popular in their iterations and newcomer Tom Holland had a lot to live up to if he was going to cement himself as *the* Spider-Man to follow.

With those doubts in hand Sony would go on to spend nearly $140 million advertising and promoting ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ in order to get people out into the theater. This is the biggest promotional campaign of all time for a ‘Spider-Man’ film, of which there have already been five. The promotional campaign spanned across 30 different brands and greatly outpaced fellow super hero rival, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.’ With so much pushed into advertising it is easy to see why Sony hoped for huge returns early on in their box office run. Numbers at home and abroad are going to end up making ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ one of the highest grossing Spidey films of all time.

Kicking off the weekend the box office returns for ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ were simply jaw dropping. ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ racked up $120 million for its opening run which blew out industry expectations from the word ‘go’. Fans were going to the theater once, twice, and three times. This is Tom Holland’s second time donning the ‘underoos’ and it looks like it definitely will not be his last. Fans of the film are already lauding it for its unique and refreshing take on the character. Fans have lauded the film as ‘John Hughes meets Stan lee’. The star studded cast includes Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr, Michael Keaton, Donald Glover and Marisa Tomei.


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