Movember Raises Awareness About Men’s Health Issues


You will likely see a lot of men sporting facial hair this month. They are doing this for Movember. The purpose of Movember is to raise awareness about men’s health issues.

Depression, cancer and the other health issues are often overlooked in men. Movember started in Australia back in 2004. They want to encourage men to go to their doctors to get examinations. If health conditions are treated early, then people have a better chance of recovering. The purpose of Movember is to save more men’s lives.

The phrase of the month is “Grow a Mo, save a bro.” Men typically die six years younger than women. Many men die from things that can be prevented. There are several things that men can do in order to protect their health.

Men need to stay connected with their friends. It is important to keep in touch with each other because staying social can improve health. Men should not hesitate to have open conversations with people. Men have a tendency to keep things bottled in, but this is not healthy.

It is important for men to get checked for prostate cancer. Men who are over the age of 40 should receive a prostate-specific antigen test. Men who get their prostate cancer detected and treated early have a 98 percent chance of surviving past five years. However, if the condition is detected late, then a man only has a 26 percent chance of surviving past five years.

It is also important for men to check their testicles at least once a month. If something is not right, then men should see their doctors. Additionally, staying active is one of the best things that men can do to protect their health. Walking, cycling and taking the stairs are some of the ways that you can get activity into your day.

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