How This Record-Breaking Weightlifter’s Strategy Can Improve Your Lifts


When most of us hit the gym, we aren’t training to break world records. Maybe you want to add an inch to your biceps, or impress the girl you have a Tinder date with tomorrow. Or maybe you just want to decompress in a way that won’t get you fired.

Regardless of why you lift, you probably wouldn’t be opposed to maximizing your results. Whether you want to add weight to your bench or improve your delt definition, training the right way can make a huge difference. Enter 28-year-old Sohrab Moradi, an Iranian lifter who broke the world record for the men’s 94kg weightlifting division at the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

Moradi’s combined lift total was 413 kilograms, which bested the world record by a kilogram. The record had stood since 1999.

When asked about his secret, Moradi noted that he has dedicated his entire life to the sport. He trains three times a day, and explains that all of his time is focused on the sport itself.

Obviously, dedicating all of your time to training at the gym is wholly impractical for most people. But there is one element of Moradi’s training that can benefit even the most casual of lifters – training multiple times a day. Three workouts in a day is excessive for most, but two-a-day training has been used by bodybuilders, powerlifters, and weightlifters alike. And the benefits of training twice a day aren’t limited to strength sports – most high-level athletes train at least twice a day.

Splitting your workout into two sessions has a few benefits. Namely, it lets you rest, refocus, and recharge, so you have two intense lifting sessions instead of one where you start to tire halfway through. Testosterone also can drop towards the end of a longer workout, so splitting up your lift can keep T levels up, which supports your mood as well as muscle growth.

If you have the schedule flexibility to do so, splitting up your current lifting days into two workouts can help supercharge your progress. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you’re eating and sleeping enough, as well as taking sufficient rest days. And when you train twice a day, don’t be afraid to keep your sessions somewhat short – even 30 minutes per session is plenty, especially if you’re new to multi-workout days. You may not be trying to best Moradi’s record, but you can still reach the physique of a lifetime.


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