How Being Aggressive & Confident Can Unlock Success


The Common Denominator Among Highly Successful Individuals

When you think of every single successful person you ever came across in life, one thing comes to mind. They are very confident in themselves, and they are very aggressive in attaining what they want. Most people commonly think that this is a result of their lifelong success. There is some truth to this, success breeds more success. Success, therefore, makes you even more confident. Unlike the famous “What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg” dilemma, we actually know the answer to this one. All these accomplished individuals were highly confident in their abilities long before they had anything tangible to prove it. What made all the difference?

Fake It Until You Make It

You see it all the time, someone who has all the talent in the world but hasn’t quite made it yet. In some cases, they are actually better than someone deemed a professional but no one seems to acknowledge it. The first step in being great is making others believe that you are great. If you can convince enough people of how amazing you are, that means you have long convinced yourself of who you really are. In time, this will come to represent who you are and how people perceive you. A lot of times you’ll become successful once people perceive you as being successful. We see this often in the rap game. There is a lot of talented underground rappers that never make it. This is why many rappers try very hard to flash cars, jewelry, mansions, and boats in their videos to convince everyone that they are already established. In many cases, these artists don’t even have enough money to rent an exotic car for the weekend. But once people see the flashy stuff, they buy into the mentality that this person has made it, and start listening more to their music. Hence, they finally break through and actually end up living this lifestyle they pretend to have.

Perception Is Everything

This is especially true in the world of Business and Online commerce. No one wants to invest in your company or ideas until you prove you are successful. Once the belief has kicked in that you are successful, everyone will start to believe in you. This is a key ingredient for motivational speakers that sell books such as Tai Lopez or Gary Vaynerchuck. For a long time no one believed in them, however, they continued to be incredibly confident and aggressive towards their goals. Once people started to question whether they were successful or not, they started to make more money. Before you know it, it was like a switch was flipped overnight. They had officially hit it big and it only brought more success their way. They faked it until they made it.

Stop Being Nice, Start Getting Aggressive

It’s quite simple, a lot of times people don’t get what they want because they never let it be known. The universe cannot reward you anything unless you throw it out there. Do you want that pay raise at work? Let your boss know that you believe you deserve it. Do you want that promotion to a new job? Don’t wait for an opening to apply for it. Just go over to the hiring manager and maybe even the bosses’ boss and let them know that you are interested and how you’ll fit in. You’ll be surprised the moves that occur when certain people know you’re interested in something. Let’s say you are interested in a girl that seems out of your league. Who knows if she just came from a terrible breakup with a douchebag, and she’s actually looking forward to trying something new. Life is all about being at the right place, at the right time.

Everyone should have the Black Mamba mentality, which Kobe Bryant implied “I would rather shoot 0 for 30 than 0 for 9. Because if I shot 0 for 9, that means I stopped shooting because I lost confidence in myself”. Think about that for a moment. Let that be motivation and inspiration for any future endeavors. All of us are capable of achieving our goals, the question is “how much do you want it”. A lot of people claim to want something and don’t lift a finger to make it happen because they think it’s too difficult. Once you believe in yourself, you’ll be surprised how that rubs off on people. It’s only a matter of time until they believe in you too.

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Confidence does go a long way in life. You make yourself look how other people will see you


You see people everywhere specially on social media using the “Fake it until you make it” strategy


Life is 90% attitude and 10% luck. People can read your positivism.


Really big motivational post. Thumbs up


Really accurate and realistic. Almost everyone that I know that became someone started by faking it.