20 Acts That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


You Never Know When That Stranger Will Be You

Turn on the news and chances are you will hear about mass shootings, cyber attacks, terrorism, riots, murders, scams and the list goes on and on. It’s hard nowadays to think that the world is becoming a better place for us all to live. With so much negativity going on some people have become paranoid of strangers and selfish. Rarely do you see a human being do an act of kindness for another without asking for anything in return. But the truth is that there are still good hearted people out there who are willing to risk it all to help someone else in need. As long as one of those people live our faith in humanity will be restored. I encourage you to help a stranger out one day because you never know when that strange will be you. Here are 20 acts that will restore your faith in humanity:

1. During a protest in Brazil, a general asked to please not to fight on his birthday. The protesters brought a surprise for him.

2. Local business offers free dry cleaning to those who are unemployed and can’t afford it for an interview.

3. A man takes off his sandals and gives them away to a homeless girl.

4. A neighbor on the East Coast of the US offers free power after hurricane Sandy hit.

5. A man dives into rough waters to save a stranger’s dog.

6. Paramedics take a man who suffered a heart attack while shoveling snow to the hospital then come back to finish the job for him.

7. Stranger gives a homeless man his kindle after he learned he’s been reading the same book over and over again.


8. New York barber gives free haircuts every Sunday to the homeless.

9. Police officers talk a man out of committing suicide. Eight years later the same man presents the officers with an award at the American Foundation of Suicide.

10. A crowd at a music festival in Australia give a boy in a wheelchair the best view.

11. Tourist buys food and feeds a disabled homeless man.

12. Classmates shave their heads at graduation to show solidarity to his classmate who has cancer.

13. Wendy’s employee using a table umbrella escorts an elderly man to his car under pouring rain.

14. A police officer handcuffs himself to a woman threatening to commit suicide.

15. Crowd helps push a train to help someone who was caught in the gap.


16. A stranger buys tires for a driver in need and leaves him a note.

17. Cleaning company employees dress up as superheroes to cheer up young patients at a children’s hospital.

18. Heart surgeon calms crying girl before the operation.

19. A man turns his van into a mobile washing service for the homeless.

20. Local group cuts lawn for free for the elderly and disabled.

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This is so true. You never know when you will find yourself on the other side of the fence.


True that


Very touching post. It goes to show you that human beings are amazing when they want to.


Really uplifting post. Glad to hear that the world is not all evil


I have seen some faith in humanity pics not not any of these


For every horrible person there is an equally good person out there. Faith in humanity has been restored.


Really touching post. The man who was going to commit suicide was a good one