What Ever Happened To Real Time Strategy Games?


Are RTS Games Dying Out?

Video gaming has gone a long way since the 90’s. Consoles back then were only capable of simple platformers such as Mario and Sonic. Computers were capable of slightly more complex genres of games such as Role Playing Games and even Shooters to some extent. But nowadays when you think of video games, the first thing that comes to mind is First Person Shooters on Consoles. Followed by the occasional RPG on a PC, or maybe a Sports game such as Madden or 2k on a console. Rarely does anyone mention RTS games anymore, but it’s a darn shame, these games were some of the best of our childhood and actually increased our motor skills. These games were responsible for many late nights, and you can never only play one or two. Especially if you ended up losing due to a cheesy strategy a friend tries out, and then you require redemption. Each game could be yield such different results thanks to dynamic tactics, that these games would never bore.

RTS Games That Dominated Your Childhood/Teenage Years

Let’s take a deeper look at a genre that was wildly popular in the 90s and early 2000’s but seemed to have faded away. Perhaps the downfall of the genre itself is that it’s really hard to replicate playability on a console using a controller. It’s tough to say since it seems like the genre has evolved itself a bit into MOBA, from which DOTA emerged from Warcraft 3. We can only hope that Blizzard decides to make a solid comeback with Warcraft 4 or Starcraft 3. Maybe that would inspire another Command and Conquer, which was an excellent series in its heyday. Who knows maybe an Age of Empires 4 release to provide many late nights of competitive fun with friends. Below are some of the greatest PC games we ever played. We can only hope the future generations get to experience the same joy we did with newer RTS releases.

Starcraft & Brood War Expansion

Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos & Frozen Throne Expansion

 Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings & Conquerors Expansion

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

Age of Mythology

Rise of Nations

Command and Conquer: Generals

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I think other companies are still making games but Blizzard is the one that stopped all together focusing on WoW


I love me some RTS games but nobody plays anymore


The genre is not completely dead but it is dying


I played most of these games growing up…what a shame


There are a couple of RTS games out there but nothing like the ones Blizzard made


I think RTS took the fall for the modern day MOBAs and MMORPGS


Halo 2 Wars is coming out soon but nothing like RTS Blizzard games


Loved Star Carft and Red Alert … games of our childhood