Remembering Some Amazing First Time Feels In Gaming


Nothing Beats A Fresh Feeling Never Before Created

Video games have been out for so long now, that is it is rare to catch a new experience. Just about every genre you can imagine has already been tried and tested. The majority of gamers are actually feeling a bit of gaming fatigue due to the same sort of games being recreated every single year. It appears that every huge blockbuster is a first person shooter. While there are some amazing experiences available in some extraordinary sandboxes, we always want something new. We take a look back at some of the greatest moments in gaming. The moments that we were introduced to brand new mechanics, gameplay, or objective that blew our minds away. Some of these video game genres have gotten incredibly good in the last 30 years, but we can never forget their origins even if the graphics are hideous to our modern eyes. We can only hope that the next 30 years bring us some brand new ideas and ways to enjoy hours of video games. 

(Diablo) Exploring A Large Dungeon Crawler Unlike Any Before It

(Wolfenstein) The Grand Daddy Of First Person Shooters

(World of Warcraft) Sure EverQuest Was First, But The Scale & Quality of WoW’s Open World Was Unmatched

(Age of Empires) Invading A Friend With The Perfect Army To Destroy Their Town

(Mortal Kombat) Pulling Off A Fatality Of Epic Violent Proportions For The First Time

(For Honor) Some Of The Best Sword Combat Mechanics Ever While Introducing Team Based Objectives

(Heroes of Newerth) League Of Legends Came Out A Year Ahead, But HoN Was The Superior DOTA Clone

(Golden Eye 007) Fans Have Been Playing Doom & Quake On PC For Years, But Golden Eye Brought FPS to Consoles

(Pokemon GO) Although Short Lived, PokeMon GO Was A Wild Success That Got People To Go Outside & Interact

(Super Smash Bros) The Absolute Joy Of Knocking Your Friends Off A Map With Nintendo Characters Still Gives Us Chills

(Assassin’s Creed) Scaling Tall Buildings and Racing Through Medieval Rooftops Was A Unique Experience

(Gran Turismo) A Racing Simulator That Allows You To Win Cash And Upgrade Cars In Your Garage, Genius Innovation

(Rocket League) Although It’s A Sequel, There Is Nothing Like Flying Up High For An Amazing Aerial Goal, Or Epic Save

(Street Fighter 2) If The Slow Pace Of Mortal Kombat Bothered You, Street Fighter’s Fast Paced Combos Were Exhilarating

(Resident Evil) First Time Exploring An Amazingly Creepy Mansion Gave Us Plenty Of Great Jump Scares

(Prince Of Persia) One Of The Original Maze Platformers, Escaping Required Intelligence & Timing

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I remember when WoW came out. I did not sleep for months at a time trying to reach level cap and run dungeons. The game is still alive after 10+ years


I love the 90s such an awesome time to play video games


Hard to replicate these first time feelings when you played these games.


Right in the feels….now im going to cry myself to sleep


Such an amazing experience playing these games for the first time


Luckily for me I got to experience most of these first hand