Serial Entrepreneur Joel Friant Focuses on The Original Habanero Shaker


If you want to succeed in the world of business and free market industry, you have to combine several aspects together. Although supply and demand are still king, you need to be both resourceful and innately creative to generate brilliant ideas that will become lucrative. These are all traits that entrepreneur Joel Friant embodies.

Who is Joel Friant?

Joel Friant is a renowned American serial entrepreneur and free-market enthusiast. He is known for his love and ability to create new products, home-based business, and mental success training. Whether it is teaching others to be financially secure through capital ventures, flipping houses in the real estate industry, or in the kitchen manufacturing his infamous Habanero pepper flake, Joel Friant does it all successfully. Thanks to his charismatic personality, enriched acumen and genuine concern for others, Friant has a natural way of bringing out the best of those around him.

Joel Friant’s Career

Joel Friant began his career in the real estate industry. He would buy foreclosures, renovate them from the inside and out and then put them back on the market to sell at a profit. During this period, Joel Friant furthered his interest and understanding in real estate. He gained a wealth of knowledge and skills in mortgage lending and writing and became the top salesman in his company.

Thai Guy

Joel Friant has always loved the Thai Cuisine and cooking in general. In 1995, Joel Friant’s trade took a turn from the real estate industry into the food industry. During this year, he opened up his first restaurant- a Thai eatery whose concept was based on offering delicious and healthy Thai cuisine with fast delivery. This was America’s first Thai’s fast food concept, and it earned him the alias “Thai Guy”. The experience and inspiration he found working on the food creation led him to invent the revolutionary “Original” Habanero Shaker. This spice is still a big hit and is sold in major chain food markets like Amazon and Ebay.

Today, Joel Friant is a motivational speaker and teaches seminars on how to be successful through a program he created. He also teaches people all about Forex Trading using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Although Joel Friant flourishes in everything he embarks on, he is known and loved for his spicy Habanero Shaker.

The Habanero Pepper Shaker

The Habanero Shaker is a spicy condiment used in cooking. It is made from freshly picked Habanero peppers that Joel plants on his own. He took his knowledge of Habanero pepper farming to the soil, harvest and finally to your kitchen table. This pepper shaker is an art form of flavor and science that has left many people in awe of Joel Friant. It is one of the hottest chili peppers in the world, and is loved for its buttery, smoky taste.

Joel Friant is passionate about health, and his Habanero pepper is hyped for its many beneficial properties. There are multiple health benefits linked to increasing the Habanero pepper in your diet. First, these peppers are a known endorphin releaser. The endorphins land on the receptor sites on your brain to release a deep feeling of relaxation. According to the prestigious Texas A&M University, the Habanero pepper releases endorphins and capsaicin that interact well with metabolism. Therefore, anyone who eats this pepper increases their metabolic rate, aiding in fat loss.

The Habanero shaker packs both flavor and spice that are yet to be matched. It also has a lot of health benefits that should not be taken lightly. It is a member of the Chinese species that contain high levels of capsaicin. After planting, the peppers are left to grow for at least 75 days and picked after around 90 days once they are fully grown and developed. A fully grown Habanero pepper averages 200,000 Scoville units in heat. It is charted high when compared with Jalapeno that averages 4,000 units. Capsaicin is known to trigger the brain to release endorphins-the body’s natural painkiller- and to produce a sensation of pleasure. After its release, it was successfully sold to Washington State largest grocery chains. The Habanero shaker is a very spicy product and a flavorful pepper.

It is no doubt that Joel Friant has garnered a wealth of experience in various industries including real estate, home remodeling and opening a restaurant to creating the Habanero spice.

The Income Thermostat

Joel Friant has since expanded his interests to home-based businesses. After the financial crisis of 2008, Joel Friant began studying why some people succeed in life while others fail. It is during this period that he created his own concept known as the Income Thermostat that was based on the writings of Wallace Wattles and Maxwell Maltz.

He trains people on how to use visualization, precision affirmations by repeating positive statements and through relaxation techniques such as meditation. Joel Friant promotes subconscious success training to educate others from his experiences in life. He also gives online seminars and writes articles for global success publications.

Online Business

In 2012, Joel Friant took an interest in online sales. He took a class about selling on Amazon and eBay, where he relaunched the Habanero Shaker and now calls it “The Original Habanero Shaker”. He sells his spice on these websites among other products. Friant guarantees his consumers that the “Original” Habanero Shaker is 100% Habanero flakes with no additives, colors or artificial flavors.

The spicy original Habanero shakers may be used on any food you like. According to Joel Friant, the Habanero pepper is not just a regular tasty additive for food, with no purpose to your health. They are rich in Vitamins, including Vitamin A and B that is found in the pepper itself. Users should not worry about the shelf life, lessening the spiciness and health benefits of their pepper shaker. This pepper contains alkaloids that are known as Capsaicin, which help to keep its spiciness over a long period and even after cooking it.

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