Tips for Preparing for a 5K Run


The Insane Inflatable 5K is around the corner and men who wish to participate in this event should start preparing now. The event will be held on June 17, and it will be on a Saturday. However, before you start thinking of attending this event, there are some checks you should perform on yourself to make sure you are ready. Like any other fitness event, there are some recommendation for some practices that will keep you fit for the event, and they include;

Exercising and running
Running and exercising in general ranks among the best tactics for keeping fit especially for the 5K. Even if you can’t manage to run, ensure that you jog. Jogging is also a good way of increasing your cardio endurance meaning that you will emerge a top performer at the D-day. Other exercises that can help you keep fit include crunches, push-ups as well as squats.

Eating the right diet
Like any other fitness program, you will benefit a lot by eating the right food before the 5k run. Ensure that you feed on healthy foods that help you get the required energy. However, beware of food products that are likely to increase your weight. This is the last thing you require some days before the 5K run. For this reason, ensure that you feed on food that has proteins as well as carbs. Oatmeal is the best food before any race as suggested by experts. Also, experts suggest that you should keep off gassy foods. An example of gassy foods includes onions and garlic. The person running behind you would not appreciate you eating such kinds of meals before the race. Another good product to feed on before the 5K race is a banana and other fruits with low levels of fluids.

Prepare for the weather
If you are determined to finish the 5K run, you should ensure that you are fully prepared for the weather. This doesn’t matter whether it’s hot or cold, but you can always find the right outfit. Ensure that you turn up with sunglasses to avoid sunburn. Another clothing that you should bring along is a light jacket, and it will prove useful in the event of light showers. If you are not wearing it, a light jacket can always be tied around the waist. As for this year’s 5K run, it’s predicted to be a hot one with temperatures of above 80 degrees Celsius.

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