The ’80s Reboot Movies Guys Really Want To See!


These days, it seems like Hollywood does nothing but re-make old blockbuster hits. The 1980s seem to be their preferred territory right now, with reboots of Ghostbusters, 21 Jump Street, and countless others. We’ll be honest–we don’t hate reboots as much as certain online critics; some of them are pretty bad, but others have been fun ways to introduce a new generation to classic characters and story lines.

So, while Hollywood is cashing in on reboots, we took an informal poll of our guy friends and found a few movie reboots we’d actually shell out some hard-earned money to see!

The Goonies

Goonies never say die! That’s why it’s surprising there hasn’t been a remake of this classic yet. Sure, it’s great that the younger generation is getting their own series of Star Wars movies, but who’s going to teach them how to do the Truffle Shuffle? Who?!


This is probably the most under-seen movie on the list. This ’80s flick stars Matthew Broderick as a young hacker recruited by the government. We won’t spoil the plot if you haven’t seen it, but suffice it to say that this movie is incredibly entertaining for the high-minded concepts it explores. Notably, WarGames deals with the threat of nuclear war, the advent of artificial intelligence, and why you should choose a better computer password. It would hardly need to be updated at all to be relevant today.

E.T. The Extraterrestrial

While a lot of Steven Spielberg’s classics still get the attention and praise they deserve, we can’t help but notice that E.T. never quite seems to get the love it deserves. Online communities have floated the idea of casting Drew Barrymore as the mother in a remake, and we love the idea. Maybe we can wish it into existence.


Call us sentimental, but has any movie ever really topped Airplane in terms of the sheer amount of jokes per minute? The world could really use a laugh right now, and all-out farcical comedies are pretty rare these days. Does anybody have Judd Apatow’s number?

What Do You Think?

Do you have your own suggestions for movie reboots? Or, do you think Hollywood should leave them alone? Either way, let us know in the comments. See you at the movies (or standing in line for a RedBox rental)!

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