Military Fitness Workouts May Be Right For Men


Guys can obsess over getting in shape. A lot of frustration may be experienced by those who cannot change their physique in the desired manner. Lack of motivation might not be the problem. A lack of discipline isn’t always the problem either. The wrong exercise program just might be at fault.

In Corpus Christi, a fitness gear company is promoting a military-style approach to exercise. The military approach definitely stresses form over function, which is something many men would find beneficial. Good conditioning is at the core of military conditioning since soldiers in all branches of the armed forces benefit from functional strength and solid cardio.

Far too many of the workouts directed towards men center on the bodybuilding approach. Now, performing a bodybuilding workout is not inherently bad but the goal of bodybuilding centers on bulking up mass and then cutting down for definition. The workouts, essentially, deal with looks. Building up actual strength rarely fits in with modern bodybuilding workouts. Cardiovascular conditioning doesn’t fit into bodybuilding contest judging.

Working out with a jump rope, an old standby in boxing gyms, might not be the hot new fad in the fitness world but jumping rope helps develop plyometric power and cardiovascular conditioning. A jump role also burns fat and is more versatile than many believe.

Other conditioning-oriented workout gear such as kettlebells and sandbags aid in building up muscular endurance and functional strength. Cardio, endurance, and enhanced strength would surely be embraced by men looking for improvements in physical prowess. Fighting the hands of time is impossible. No one can become young again. Feeling younger through improving one’s fitness levels definitely reflects an attainable goal.

Bodybuilding workouts have a tendency to be deal with specific body part days. In other words, legs are exercised on Monday, arms on Tuesday, and so on. Such workouts promote specialization to help craft a symmetrical body for a contest. The “average person” can take advantage of these workouts and does not have to compete. Benefits to these workouts do exist.

Are the workouts really promoting the goals of what the person working out really wants? For a lot of men, the answer is really no. Workouts dealing with the building of functional strength and conditioning can change a physique for the better while adding other beneficial results to the mix.

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