Your Alcoholic Beverages May Have More Germs Than You Think


Many people have a drink after a long day at work. However, if you are having a drink at the bar, then you have to be careful about where you get them from. Many of the beverages that people order from the bar are germ-infested. A team of researchers examined 60 ice cubes from bars, restaurants, industrial facilities and homes.

They found that the ice was contaminated with 52 strains of bacteria. Bar and restaurant ice was the most contaminated. Martinis, vodka, tonic water and coke were among the beverages that had the most germs. However, whisky was the least-contaminated beverage. Researchers stated that the acidity of the beverages was one of the things that made whisky more resistant to bacteria.

Whisky has an average PH of 4.2. Vodka has a PH of 6, which is close to a neutral PH. The more acidic a beverage is, the less likely bacteria strains are to survive. None of the strains of bacteria survived when they were added to a cup of whiskey. It is important to note that all bacteria is not bad. Even if the beverage has bacteria, it can still have health benefits. Vodka and peach tea are some of the beverages that can benefit your health.

However, some of the bacteria strains in ice can lead to an infection. B. Cereus is one of the bacteria strains that was found in the ice. This bacteria can lead to food poisoning. There are a few things that you can do in order to reduce your chances of consuming a contaminated beverage.

If you are at the bar, then you can order the vodka straight. You can also order a cocktail without the ice. Additionally, you can order whisky, which is one of the safest drinks that you can order at the bar.

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