Alcohol Delivered To Your Door?


Consumers are getting the opportunity to have alcohol delivered to their front door step these days in select cities. It’s a fascinating new approach to the way alcohol is sold and delivered. People wanting to purchase alcohol generally have always had to drive to a liquor store in years past. Drizly is changing that up across the nation. The alcohol delivery service most recently expanded into Houston and San Antonio. The expansion allows legal age drinkers in those cities to have alcohol delivered from local retailers.

Drizly is also already in major United States markets like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Denver. The tech company has an eye on reaching into many other medium sized markets in the near future. Drizly allows local alcohol consumers to purchase items from local retailers via an app. It’s then delivered to their door the way food has been delivered for years. The delivery fee is estimated to be only around $5. They can also pick up ice for delivery. Customers can pick out an assortment of beer, wine and liquors from the online app. It allows quick searching for the items they need and no wasteful strolling.

The app also encourages those who have already been drinking not to drive anywhere. With delivery to the home door, it promotes no drinking and driving. Drizly teams up with unique local retailers in the specific cities to provide the delivery services. Each city will have different liquor stores to choose from within the app.

Drizly is based in Boston. It was formed in 2012 by two friends who thought of the idea to deliver beer. Nick Rellas and Justin Robinson were the masterminds behind the concept. It’s worked quite well for the pair. Drizly is now already in 40 different markets in the United States and Canada.

To find out more or which cities utilize Drizly and the app you can click here.

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