The Haunted Curtiss Mansion Of Miami Springs


Historical Pueblo Themed Home In Miami Springs

Glen Curtiss was one of the aviation pioneers alongside the Wright brothers. In fact, the Wright Brothers and Mr. Curtiss had a legal dispute over patents that would last for several years. It concluded with the merger of their companies, forming the Curtiss-Wright company that still exists till today. Glen Curtiss was also the founder of multiple South Florida cities such as Hialeah, Miami Springs, and Opa-Locka. One of his prized possessions was his famous pueblo-styled mansion in Miami Springs surrounded by a golf course near Miami International Airport. It was built in 1925. It has been recently restored by the City of Miami Springs and is used for weddings, quinceanera’s birthday parties, and large parties. However, for many many years, this place was believed to be haunted by the locals as it was abandoned for a large portion of its existence. Different variations of the tales change depending on the high school kids that tell it, but all of them have one thing in common, something paranormal.

Origin Of A Local Haunting

Glen Curtiss died unexpectantly in 1930, and his wife Lena Curtiss married one of his friends and business associates. That couple lived in the house until the late 1940’s, and the mansion was eventually sold in the 1950’s. It was believed the mansion even housed a day care on the main floor during it’s earlier days. After multiple failed projects, the Curtiss Mansion became somewhat abandoned in the early 1970’s. Rumors had emerged that nearby neighbors had heard loud screams in the middle of the silent night. Many others have reported lights being turned on and off at night. Some even claimed to have seen the wandering spirit of Glen Curtiss himself. Others have claimed to be stricken with bad luck after being inside.

Local high school students would begin breaking and entering this location looking for spooks and thrills. A tradition that continued all the way to the late-2000’s, with the legend growing each and every decade. The mansion was the target of vandalism and multiple fires. One of the main fires nearly brought the entire structure down in the late 90’s. Police assumed it was teenagers messing around. But there are some that are convinced that these spontaneous random fires that kept occurring since the 70’s might not be caused by the living.

Of course to be able to explore these grounds you would have to make it past security that protects the large golf course. If you made it through the open grounds late at night without being detected, you’ll then have to be careful your party’s noise or flashlights don’t draw in any attention. Police would often arrest any young kids trespassing the grounds of the Curtiss Mansion. It was also common for groups of kids to run into other groups from different schools and explore together. Each and every journey producing a different experience but always one thing in common, the odd sensation that something was looking over their shoulders.

Variations Of The Curtiss Mansion Horror

Depending on which high school you went to in Miami, you probably heard different versions of the story. One popular legend has it that Glen Curtiss was a jealous man to killed himself upon finding out about his wife’s affairs with his friend. Thus his spirit stayed behind, haunting the Curtiss Mansion for eternity. Other legends point out that there was a grand fire that broke out while the mansion was being used as a daycare and multiple small children died. Some locals even spin rumors that there had been murders that take place on the grounds of the Curtiss Mansion. Although these could very well be exaggerations, spending a few minutes inside its wall sure does seem very eerie and creepy. If there is such a thing as energy, then this place most certainly has a negative energy about it.

In the second floor, there was a bedroom that was sealed by bricks. This speculated rumors that murders had taken place in there. Late at night people have reported the laughs of small children, believed to be of those who perished in the fire half a century earlier. An odd basement with a narrow stairway leading to it has all sorts of odd drawings depicting the devil’s pentagram and nazi symbols. It was a common sight to see scores of kids run out of the mansion after encountering something spooky. People are certain of hearing a loud pitched scream in the middle of the mansion after sweeping the area and making sure it was empty. Although the mansion no longer looks as creepy as before since it has been fully restored, you can now go visit it in it’s entirety. But rest assure, the place still makes certain people feel uneasy.

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Gotta love me some good horror stories late at night


Miami seems like the type of place you wouldnt find a haunted place. All I can think of is nice weather and beaches


I would never do a party there that shit is haunted lol


I cant say that ive heard about it or visited it. I must be out of the loop


Know it well raised in Hialeah and been there quite often when a kid/young teenager


Yeah it is. Never heard about this before


scary ass place.. i was there several times when I was younger.