President Trump Working with the Democrats


Just the other day, President Trump made a deal with the Democrats. After the deal, Donald Trump asked Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to address the media. To the surprise of many, the Senate Minority Leader said that he wasn’t sure whether he was for the move. This is funny and suspicious considering that Chuck Schumer is always ready for the media. The New York Senator said that he wasn’t sure about what the president would say and how he would be expected to respond. He suggested to the president not to address the media together. Nobody would have guessed about a deal between Trump and the Democrats. In fact, the speculation of the deal was brought to light by a picture that was taken at the Oval Office by Alex Wong of Getty Images. In this picture, Chuck Schumer is seen pointing to the president using the forefinger. In the picture, the president looks all smiles and embraces the minority leader moments later. Critics later accused the president of giving the Democrats more than they required. He did this against the wishes of Republican leaders who had also been invited to the Oval Office. In this agreement, Trump agreed to work with the national debt limit short term plan by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. This deal ensured that the federal government would remain funded for the next three months. At the same time, funds to help hurricane victims would be made available.

After the recommendation was passed on Thursday by the Congress, President Trump signed it on Friday afternoon. During the same meeting, other issues were discussed. Among these issues were to raise the current debt ceiling. They also discussed how they would handle the issue of Dreamers. Through Twitter, Trump assured dreamers that they would not be deported after six months. He also promised them that they would work on a better legislation. However, the president was urged by Pelosi to write this tweet. Many Republicans were wishing for a long term solution to the deal. They also hoped that they could deal with the issue of the hurricane victims separately. President Trump promised Americans that he would be working closely with people who are development oriented. Chuck Schumer said that the president was a bit tired of the partisanship in Washington. While the president didn’t give the Democrats a commitment, Chuck Schumer noted that the president looked very favorable. The president had not made up his mind during the meeting.

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