North Korean Soldier Deflects to the South


South Korean officials have confirmed that their counterparts from North Korea fired at a soldier who was defecting to the south. This incident happens at a time when the two nations are involved in a nuclear weapon tussle. The Korean military said that despite the soldier being wounded, he managed to cross the border. The South Korean military further confirmed that the soldier defected through the Panmunjom. For starters, this is a village that is located between the borders of the two nations. South Korean military said that they were alerted by gunshots and upon checking what was going on, they found a North Korean soldier located about 55 yards on the South Korean side. The officials further said that he sustained injuries at his shoulder and elbow. He was rushed to a South Korean hospital where he is being treated. As the soldier defected, joint naval exercises were taking place off South Korea east coast. The exercise involved three American aircraft carriers. This happens to be the first time that the United States has deployed three carrier groups west of Pacific in three decades. This is just a representation of the power that Donald Trump has always referenced. Just the other day, Mr. Trump said that he hoped to God that the US never uses the force against North Korea.

North Korea has not relented in agitating Mr. Trump. Late on Saturday, the country’s leader called Mr. Trump names and said that the nation would never stop with its pursuit of a nuclear weapon. According to the American-led naval command that is responsible for the restricted area, the defector is said to have driven a vehicle towards the border. When North Korean soldiers started firing at him, he left the vehicle and started running towards the south. The soldier then took cover near the Joint Security Area where he was taken by American troops and rushed to the hospital. The Joint Naval Area is estimated to be 35 miles from South Korea Capital. This happens to be the area where soldiers from each country get to see each other. As a matter of fact, they are usually some few meters apart. It’s estimated that almost 30,000 people have fled from North Korea to South Korea. However, these have managed this feat by first travelling to China. Only a few have managed to cross the 2.5 miles demilitarized zone. This is an area that has minefields and electric fences.

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