The Bohemian Grove – Playground For The Elite



Secret Club For The 1%

It’s hard to believe something this major wouldn’t gather more attention. But every year during July, the world’s elite gather at a location in Monte Rio, California for two weeks. This location is known as the Bohemian Grove. Regular folks like you and me cannot get in. It is heavy guarded during this time. Only in two separate instances has an outsider gotten in. It has been rumored that during these two weeks, there is heavy drinking, secret talks, and even Druid worship. The individuals that typically attend this event every year are world leaders such as Presidents, CEOs, Oil Tycoons, and even actors and musicians. Makes you wonder why the media never mentions why the most influential people in the world get together every year, and for what purpose?

How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

It is normal for people to always assume the worst when speaking about the unknown. Very little is known about the Bohemian Grove. In the year 2000, popular conspiracy theorist Alex Jones broke into the complex and recorded a low quality video of a ceremony. It appears multiple grown men dressed in costume during an act called “The Cremation of Care”. Next to a 40 foot tall Owl statute surrounded by Redwood trees, they burn an effigy that is symbolic of “Care”. Odd music and pyrotechnics are used to increase an additional dramatic effect. In the video recorded by Jones, one can get chills thinking of the perversion of power the elites can abuse if they chose to put an end to “Care”.

Heavy Hitters In Attendance

When confronted by ordinary folks, those in attendance say Bohemian Grove is just a place for the wealthy to get together to enjoy the outdoors, music, and the arts. This secret camp has been around for over 130 years. There is pictures of Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon in attendance, it is believed George H.W. Bush and his son George W. Bush both attend the event. Bill Clinton once acknowledged the Grove. It is obvious that during these two weeks the people who run the world get together. It is said that business is never discussed here, except for in 1942 when the Manhattan Project was birthed here. This would lead to the atom bomb used in Japan to put an end to World War II.


Two Weeks of Odd Fetishes?

A popular theory is that during these two weeks, these influential leaders do some heavy drinking. They often dress up as women are whatever other odd fetishes they may have. Richard Nixon once was quoted as saying “It was the most faggy two weeks”. They perform sick acts such as pretending to act out executions in rituals that seem to have some resemblance to Celtic Druid worship. Since everything is held in such secrecy, we may never know what truly goes on here. But one thing reigns true, this is where the elites make the decisions that affect the world. I wouldn’t doubt if this is where they decide who is going to run for presidencies.

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This is all so weird. These are the people running the world and our country. Maybe once you get to that level of richness you see thing different.


It is insane to think that the 1℅ are gathering and doing these crazy rituals. It is a scary world out there.


This has been going on for over a century yet I have never heard of this before.


The rich and powerful are always secretive about their private life. Don’t worry about the people You elect as president , worry about the people u never heard of that u don’t elect


Scary stuff….I wonder what other secrets these people hide