Bob Reina: Tampa Bay Entrepreneur with a Heart of Gold


Bob Reina is a is a major donor to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. His work in the world of nonprofits has a global reach, and he enables people involved in these charitable organizations ways to donate to various causes. Animals are at the top of his list for charitable giving. He has already donated large amounts of money to animal shelters. He also has a reputation for adopting stray dogs and cats into his own home. However, Bob Reina has recently decided not to adopt any additional animals at this time. This was not an easy decision for him to make because he is very passionate about helping as many animals as possible.

Mr. Reina currently employs two housekeepers on a full-time basis to manage the pet hair from the 11 rescued cats and dogs that currently live in his home. However, he did mention plans to donate a large sum of money to various causes designed to assist animals. The total amount of the donations could be as high as a million dollars, but he is adamant about drawing the line on bringing any more stray animals into his own home. The expenses and maintenance for these animals finally made him reach his limit, and that will most likely remain the case, according to Reina. However, he also expressed this limitation in terms that leave the possibility of changing his mind in the future. For now, he is only engaging in monetary contributions instead of adopting more pets.

Bob Reina’s Animals

Reina spoke fondly of the current rescue animals that live on his property. This includes a mixed Labrador named Sport, who resembles a giraffe, according to Reina. He mentioned a puppy named Bindi, who was attacked by an alligator and lost an entire leg from the incident. The other three dogs are all basset hounds, and their names are Blue Bell, Stormy and Presley. These dogs also share the home with five cats. They were all either rescued or stray animals before he brought them to his home. Their names are Lucky, Chance, Scrappy, Mystery and Madison. As an avid animal lover, Reina admits that this attracts him to invest his resources into providing a home for unfortunate animals.

He mentioned the fact that this cause has a special appeal for him. He empathizes with the plight of animals. These are often abandoned or abused animals that have no other place to go for care, food or shelter. Reina understands how this can alter their behavior because they have no other recourse. He says that they “can’t help themselves”, and he sympathizes with their situation to the point of taking action with the resources he has available. This outlook on their situation makes him especially sensitive to the cause of organizations that are involved in the care of stray animals. Even though there are many other worthwhile causes available for him to pursue, he enjoys prioritizing this particular cause because animal welfare is close to his heart.

About Bob Reina

Bob Reina has always felt a deep love for animals, and his success at founding a small business allowed him to donate to causes that help animals. The technology company is called Talk Fusion, and it eventually provided the resources necessary for Mr. Reina to fulfill his ambition of helping animals who were living in desperate circumstances. For example, he was able to donate a large amount to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay during the organization’s annual event. The check was written for $250,000, and it enabled the organization to continue providing essential services. Another contribution of $750,000 was provided to the Humane Society, which reflects his commitment to this cause. The Humane Society now plans to use the funds to construct a veterinarian clinic on a tight budget. This facility will provide low-income pet owners with a place to take their animals who require various routine services. This includes shots, neutering, diagnostic tests, exams and checkups. These basic services are not only critical for the well-being of the animal, but they also allow low-income pet owners to have access to these services without compromising their basic quality of life.

His activities include community service as well, and he was engaged long before founding the company. For example, he served as the sheriff’s deputy for Hillsborough County. His activities with helping animals were noticed by Darryl Shaw, who currently serves as the executive of BluePearl Veterinary Partners. The veterinarian clinic is a group of experienced professionals who are committed to serving the interests of the public. However, the organization requires financial support from donors like Bob Reina. According to Darryl Shaw, Bob Reina has already paid for the veterinary bills of low-income families on multiple occasions. He recounted having the experience of observing Bob Reina hearing a family talk about their inability to pay for their veterinary bills.

Because this work goes on behind the scenes, Bob Reina’s beneficiaries rarely know who paid for the services. This is an essential part of his personality that his close friends and colleagues admire and respect. “I don’t know on how many occasions he would overhear another family express their inability to afford lifesaving care and silently take care of the bill himself,” Shaw said. The funding is necessary in order to continue providing the services that the clients now rely on, and Reina takes this obligation seriously. The charitable contributions to these organizations also have an immediate impact in his community, which fulfills another aspect of his vision.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, which is a successful technology company. His dedication and commitment allowed him to build the business with experienced colleagues in marketing. He also worked as a police officer after graduating from the Tampa Police Academy, and he served in his local community before starting Talk Fusion. He mentions the level of discipline necessary to launch a successful startup enterprise, and notes that it takes many years and a lot of planning. Talk Fusion offers innovative marketing solutions to enterprises and individuals who are interested in increasing their online visibility with video marketing and other solutions. The most notable product was the video marketing for emails, which launched in 2004.

Talk Fusion is now used in over 140 countries around the world. The business offers a free trial period for customers who want to test out the solution and determine if is right for their particular needs. This marketing approach contributed heavily to the success of his business. The profits from this successful enterprise enable him to donate to a variety of charitable causes that help animals. This is a lifelong passion that is evident in his decision to bring his favorite dogs to the office every day. He also contributes to the community by providing the Hillsborough County Sherriff’s department with an additional smart dog for their K-9 unit. Bob Reina and his wife, Allison, both serve on the Board of Directors for the local Human Society, which is located in Tampa Bay. They are both active in the placement of stray and abandoned animals into permanent homes.

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