Technological Advancements by Mazda


Mazda has announced that it has made a breakthrough with the old-fashioned gasoline engine technology. The company made this announcement on Tuesday. According to the company’s representatives, the breakthrough is a significant progress as the engine will be more viable compared to electric cars. This announcement comes a few days after Mazda announced a $1.6 billion collaboration with Toyota. These two Japanese car makers agreed to partner to produce electric cars. However, according to Mazda, the new technology gives an engine that is 30 percent more efficient than what they were using before. They also announced that this technology will be adopted in the year 2019 after successful trials. One of the features that are likely to come with the new technology is improved torque.

They also mentioned that they would not share the new developments with other companies. This new technology is an indication that the company wants to comply with global fuel economy restriction. They also announced that the new technology will help its customers save on transportation while conserving the environment. The new technology by Mazda is known as Skyactive-x. The technology is dependent on a proprietary process that involves joining of the piston-compressed fuel-air mixture with a turbocharger. This process is effective as it allows combustion in the compression chamber to take place alone. This process is just similar to the one adopted by the diesel engine.

According to Mazda engineers, this process is efficient as it eliminates the need for spark plugs on normal circumstances. It’s important to note that Mazda already uses a technology that allows for compression ration boost in the cylinders. Through this system, Mazda’s engines are able to produce more power using the same amount of fuel with ordinary engines. The main aim of this new design is to reduce emissions by 50 percent come 2030. By 2050, the company says that it will have reduced its emissions by 90 percent.

According to the company’s engineers, the new model will help design a car that will consume one gallon per 40 miles. At the moment, Mazda engines consume one gallon for every 30 miles. One month ago, Volvo announced that it would stop producing gas cars and switch to electric cars. Experts say that Mazda may have been responding to these developments. Despite having a 1.7 percent market share of the American market, these new developments by Mazda are likely to pressure its competitors. At the moment, US consumers are willing to spend more on a car that consumes less fuel. Visit the website,

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