Are Sweet Potato Fries Better Than French Fries?


Many people carefully scan the menu at the restaurant before they make their order. They want to make healthy swaps wherever they can. For example, they may choose water instead of soda. They may also order a salad before their meal. Some people order sweet potatoes instead of French fries. That raises a very important question. Are sweet potatoes healthier than French fries?

The calorie and carb content of sweet potatoes is nearly the same as French fries. They also have nearly the same amount of fiber. French fries have less sugar than sweet potatoes. They also have more iron and potassium. Sweet potatoes have more fiber, calcium and vitamin A.

Sweet potatoes are not necessarily more healthy than French fries. You can make sweet potatoes and French fries healthier by the way that you prepare them. Baking fries is a lot healthier than deep-frying them in oil. If you deep-fry French fries or sweet potatoes, then you will be getting over 300 calories per serving.

One of the reasons that many people believe that sweet potatoes are healthier is because they are usually baked. French fries are usually fried. Before you make your order, you will need to ask how the fries are ordered.

You will also need to watch your portions. Even though baked French fries or sweet potatoes can be a healthy option, you do not want to consume portions that are too large because this will add unnecessary calories. You should limit your consumption to a half cup at a time.

If you choose to eat fries at home, then you should try to prepare them from scratch. Preparing something from scratch is usually healthier than eating something that has already been pre-cooked. Baking and limiting your portions will allow you to enjoy French fries without any guilt.


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