Keeping American Craft Beers in Focus During the Holidays


Hot toddies, wine and eggnog are among the most traditional beverages of the American holiday season, which gets started on Thanksgiving and lasts through New Year’s Day. Over the last few years, however, craft beers have been gaining prominence at the Thanksgiving dinner table, and a major reason behind this trend is that microbreweries are known to load up on their seasonal offerings when the weather begins to turn cooler.

Here are some craft beer recommendations for the 2017 holiday season; most are from Colorado and New York, two states known for their quality breweries.

Great Divide’s Colette and Resolute Hoppy Pilsner

A traditional turkey dinner calls for beers that can be sipped, which means that they should be pleasantly carbonated and loaded with hops. Resolute and Great Divide are two Colorado breweries known to be generous with their hop content.

Kasey’s Christmas Ale

Darker ales are great beers to enjoy during the holiday season. Kasey’s Christmas Ale is a seasonal offering of the Rohrbach Brewing Company of Rochester, and it provides just the right amount of body and hints of nutmeg flavor to pair with holiday meals. Brown ales are also perfect for families organizing their final picnic of the year before the climate keeps them indoors.

Copper Kettle Snowed In and Farmer’s Breakfast

These two craft beers are rich and sweet enough to pair with traditional holiday desserts such as pecan pie and pumpkin spice cookies. These are very dark and full-bodied stouts with pleasant tastes and just the right hint of sweetness.

Lloyd’s Christmas Ale by Ellicottville Brewing Company

This is a very strong and sweet dark ale that can be mostly found at select pubs in Upstate New York. Loy’s Christmas Ale is a rare treat that packs eight percent of alcohol without tasting too bitter or boozy. Fans of beer on tap will love the way this beer pours with a thick and foamy head reminiscent of Guinness but with a sweeter flavor accentuated by the caramel oats.

Cranberry Berliner by Young Lion Brewing Company

This beer might feel a little too trendy for purists, but it is definitely worth a few sips during the holidays. As its name suggests, this Berliner Weisse-style brew has a strong taste of cranberries, but the taste experience is actually dry and refreshing. Cranberry Berliner is only served on tap at the Young Lion Brewing Company in Canandaigua, New York.

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