Delta Airlines Unveils Free Services


Airline passengers know the cost of Wi-Fi. However, Delta Airlines has done the unexpected by offering their customers a form of connection. The good thing about the connection is that it’s coming at no charge. The service being offered is text messaging. The American company on Wednesday announced that it had decided to offer its customers free mobile messaging while on board. The company also announced that the services would begin on Sunday 1st October. According to Dan Csont, who is the brand management vice president at Delta airlines, the company was offering a routine service. Customers had made suggestions to the airline to work on its entertainment sector. Therefore, he announced that the response was part of the company’s larger strategy. Other airlines in the United States and around the world are expected to follow suit and match the offer by Delta airlines. According to an airline analyst who was asked about the latest effort by Delta Airlines, he mentioned that the company would likely have the edge over other companies that follow suit. He said that Delta airlines has been slowly investing in equipment that will help improve connectivity. For other companies, they will be playing a catch-up game and spend a lot of resources in the process.

According to the president of R.W.Mann & Company Robert Mann, he says that other companies will try to match the efforts by Delta Airlines. This is a consulting firm that specializes in airline consultancy. However, when United Airlines and American Airlines were reached for a comment about the move, they declined to answer. At the moment, Delta airlines have a fleet of 1,300 planes, and only 130 are not covered with Gogo Wi-Fi. Gogo is the broadband service provider that offers Delta Airlines with connectivity solutions. Delta Airlines announced that all users on board their planes would be able to send real-time messages using a variety of apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage for free. This will be possible for those on international trips. The company made sure that people heard about their services as they said that they would be the first to offer texting services in the US and around the globe. However, there are other companies that offer free Wi-Fi such as JetBlue which has been offering the service since the beginning of the year. Fly Emirates has also been offering a limited deal to their customers of up to 20MB of data.

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