2017 Has Been a Great Year for Beer Lovers


The American craft beer industry and its many followers have never enjoyed a better year than 2017. Thousands of new craft breweries are currently operating across the country, and the tax reform passed by Congress before the Christmas break will actually benefit brewers and encourage them to lower their prices as they release more new creations.

With the craft beer industry being at one of its most prolific periods in history, beer drinkers across the United States are getting to taste new creations virtually every week. A recent article published by Paste Magazine reviewed some of the best craft beers released in 2017:

Hyper Paradise by Red Barrel

As one of the finest breweries in Northern California, Red Barrel never disappoints when the time comes to release a new craft beer. Hyper Paradise is aged in oak barrels filled with a special concoction that includes mango and passion fruit. The result is a sour golden ale that has the smooth taste of a saison brew, and the fruity taste is distinctive without being overbearing.

Unicorn Tears by Fremont

Bourbon barrels are used to age Unicorn Tears, an interesting oatmeal stout that features black cherries. Fruits are rarely added to dark beers such as this one, and the lingering taste of bourbon is a welcome addition.

28 Haze Later by Beachwood Brewing

This interesting craft beer from a Long Beach brewery does not make any apologies for the high content of fruit juice infused into this pale ale, which tastes very refreshing and slightly sweet while balancing a high alcohol volume.

Mr. Sandman by River North

Colorado is a state known for its many craft breweries, but not many of them produce high quality stouts such as River North, located in Denver. Mr. Sandman is an imperial stout with a bold taste that evokes brown sugar and molasses. This craft beer is aged in whiskey barrels and features an alcohol content of 13 percent, which makes it one of the most potent stouts in the market.

Never Forever by The Veil

This standard ale is another example of a microbrewery making good use of fruits to make quality beers. Never Forever is a beer that features very strong tastes of passion fruit, but not in an overwhelming fashion. Unlike other fruity craft beers, Never Forever has a crispy flavor that is not overly dry like wine coolers; it tastes as a real ale should.

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