Who is Wang Huning?


Wang Huning is remembered as a bright student by those who school with him. For some part of his life, he lived in America but left when he didn’t like what he saw with democracy. He stopped being an academia and decided it was time to have a say in the brutal politics of China. This is a man who didn’t attend the meeting that Xi Jinping had with Donald Trump last week. Despite his absence, his ideas could be felt in the meeting. No other Chinese strategist has pressed the Chinese government to take the opportunity of overtaking the United States than Wang Huning. People in China refer to him as a shrewd strategist and has managed to be an advisor to three Chinese heads of state. He has risen to become a close ally of Mr. Xi at a time when President Trump is pitting his advisors to oppose each other. He is attributed to the vision that has been shown by the Chinese government as well as the steadiness they have portrayed. The 63-year-old theoretician today believes that for his country to succeed, it needs to adopt an authoritarian government that is also very strong. This is the only way that the Far East nation can forget about the oppression that it has received from foreign powers in the last one century.

To understand the influence of this man, he was recently appointed to be part of the Politburo Standing Committee in China. This is a committee of seven people who are regarded as the most powerful in the country. The appointment came for a man who had never run a ministry. At the same time, he had never been in charge of a province in China. Today, he is seen as the top aid for Mr. Xi and the man who interprets what the new authoritarian rule by the president should be like. In American politics, he can be compared to Karl Rove and Stephen K. Bannon. While Stephen K. Bannon is a common name in America, Karl Rove used to be a strategist for President George Bush. Prior to Xi Jinping, he served under Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao. A Chinese expert based in Washington known as Yun Sun says that the man is said to be the brain behind the three supreme leaders. He used to be a professor in Shanghai back in the 1980s. He is a believer in modernization.


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