Upcoming NBA Finals Game 5 Matchup Evaluation


Unfortunately for the Golden State Warriors, their shot at a 16-0 playoff run was cut short by a 21-point loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Despite all odds being in Golden State’s favor, the Warriors up 3-1, only one win away from closing the series, tickets are selling for outrageously high prices. According to ESPN, one pair of floor-level tickets to Game 5, played in the Bay Area on Golden State’s home court, have sold for $90,000, or $45,000 each. Another pair of NBA Finals Game 5 tickets have sold for $82,000.

These margins are the highest for courtside seats since Game 7 of last year’s finals, giving away $99,000 of his hard-earned dollars for two tickets. Perhaps these fans paying high dollar for 2017’s Finals believe Golden State will actually close out the series this time.

There are several things the Cavaliers can do to win, although planning and execution are two totally different things. The Cavaliers will likely secure victory if they hit 24 threes again, just like they did in Game 4.

Kyrie Irving going off and scoring 40 points, or, maybe nor 40, but some other high amount, would undoubtedly help the Cavaliers win Game 5. Kyrie has thrived in late-game situations that (literally) put the ball on the line. Cavaliers fans hope that Irving does not help his team go only +7 while on the floor, too.

Stephen Curry only scored 14 points on less than 25% shooting during Game 4. The Cleveland Cavaliers have a strong chance of winning if they can hold Curry from scoring, his hottest attribute. Another thing Cleveland can execute to have higher chances of surviving into a potential Game 6 would be staying physical. Golden State’s roster is not all familiar with physical play, with the exception of strongman Draymond Green.

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