The Successful Writing Career of Entrepreneur Daniel Mark Harrison


We have heard of great writers who have touched the world in one way or another. Better yet, we have got the chance to read and evaluate the works of these great writers. The question is, have we exhausted these authors? For instance, have you heard of Daniel Mark Harrison? Who is he?

Daniel Mark Harrison is a successful entrepreneur based in Asia. The man is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Daniel Mark Harrison Co. The company is a family office that poses work stations and offers a variety of operations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. Harrison also works as a managing partner at Monkey Capital, a Blockchain funding firm that invests in Blockchain systems and SpaceX supply contracts.

Besides business, Daniel Mark Harrison is a writer; a great and renowned writer. He is a man who just cannot be kept in one box; a characteristic that is rare to find and which requires a strong personality.

The Rise of Daniel Mark Harrison as an Author

Harrison has lived in many parts of the world. Apart from Asia, he has lived in Europe, Scandinavia and the United States of America. Before his University studies, the writer attended eight schools, all separately. At St. Peter’s College, Oxford, he studied Theology for one year before leaving to start a hedge fund.

From 2005 to 2006, Harrison undertook a Masters course in Business Administration. Then in 2007, he did a Master’s degree in Journalism at the New York University. He could not wait to start following his dreams. Daniel Mark Harrison started out as a journalist. He has written for Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, The and other online dailies. To be featured in these global news publications, one has to possess exceptional writing skills.

Harrison wrote hundreds of articles for the journal papers. For this reason, he has been widely quoted in mainstream media and journalism texts on many issues. Due to his incredible business skills, he is regularly invited on channels such as the CNN, Reuters, and Bloomberg that conduct business news.

Harrison also writes for CoinSpeaker, a leading news source for professionals in the field of Bitcoin and Altcoin. He has contributed to the news source so much that many successes have been recorded during his time. One of the biggest stories he broke is “The End of CoinDesk’s Proxy Index.” This story was such a hit that it caused a one-month suspension to a certain Chinese exchange from the index.

Still at CoinSpeaker since 2014, Harrison has helped to optimize the site while at the same time managing the editorial team. His work and presence have managed to grow readership from about just 10,000 to over 450,000 per month. Daniel Mark Harrison is also an editor and publisher. He has worked at Marx Rand, a news publication that deals with matters of general interest. Harrison is the founder of the site.

Marx Rand focuses on exploring independent mind concepts. It uncovered the Toyota vehicle manufacturer who employed slave labor and also exposed an FBI undercover who was secretly heading the Ku Klux Klan.

Daniel Mark Harrison’s first book is called Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World. The book is a combined work of fiction and real journalism.

Immediately it was out, Butterflies received tremendous praise and many excellent reviews from readers as well as the mainstream press. Foreign media together with other celebrated and respected authors agreed that the book is an incredible work of literature. To sum up its worth and greatness, the book was listed top position
on the Amazon bestseller list, receiving 5-star reviews from fans.

The Millennial Reincarnations is his second book. It is also the first of the Millennial Trilogy; the three books will strive to fictionalize the millennial mind state and culture. When asked how he decided to come up with the book, Harrison said that he had been thinking about the deeper aspects of millennial culture such as approaches to personal relationships and spiritual belief. And that is how the idea of the book came by.

In the book, Daniel Mark Harrison talks about the millennials’ economy, their observance of the law, their social bonds and accumulation of knowledge, their sexual interactions, as well as how they conceive of their work. His book is a huge success.

Harrison has worked in many different and important positions. He is jack-of-all-trades. From business to publishing to writing, his accomplishments are just outright impressive. Since 2009, Mark Harrison has volunteered as a columnist at the Motley Fool. He worked there up to 2015.

While at Motley Fool, Harrison would be approached for recommendations regarding to stock prices in the UK and US markets. Of course, his recommendations were straight forward and entertaining, and that is why he is highly credited for them.

Harrison helped to kick start the office in Hong Kong. The company focused on the collection and sale of market intelligence from Asia to the United States of America. He wrote China Watch, Asia week market, and Asia daily commentary. He would also produce featured videos and Asia products.

Harrison is such an inspirational writer, and as a journalist, he won himself an award. At Monkey Capital, Harrison helped to develop the Factory Banking concept model, which is now globally used for transactions and businesses. Recently, Monkey Capital launched its ICO giving buyers the opportunity to have their
subscriptions. Tokens were distributed at an auction and after Harrison explained the functionality of the tokens, the shares of the Monkey Capital rose by far.

To sum it up, Daniel Mark Harrison as a writer has made a name for himself. His recommendation is worth striving for, his books worth going for and his inspiration worth paying attention to. As seen above, he has a vast range of writing skills that he can intelligently incorporate in any context.

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